January 26, 2020

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Rob York

Rob York is a feature writer for NK News and Ph.D candidate in Korean history at the University of Hawaii at Manoa.

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Russia craves balance on the Korean Peninsula

To maintain an influence in North and South Korea, Moscow must ‘stand on both legs’: Experts

Rob York November 2, 2015

Chinese experts: Sanctions on North Korea don’t work

Economic cooperation, diplomatic pressure considered more effective for breaking deadlock, survey reveals

Rob York October 28, 2015

Why North Korean defectors are a minor issue for Beijing

Experts suggest issue not worth raising tensions with Pyongyang over

Rob York October 19, 2015

Expert survey: Is China’s pull over North Korea exaggerated?

Chinese experts insist Beijing can’t make the North change course – and is worried of what would happen if it tried

Rob York October 14, 2015

May day: Are the 5.24 Measures holding back inter-Korean relations?

North Korea watchers think South Korea needs a ‘detour’ around trade restrictions

Ha-young Choi | Rob York October 8, 2015

South Korean anti-Americanism dwindles, but roots remain: Diplomat

Author suggests 'cautious optimism' in order, but says problems could potentially recur

Rob York October 5, 2015

Seoul: Two Koreas agree on Panmunjom meeting

Time of meeting to take place after North's deadline for South to remove DMZ loudspeakers

Ha-young Choi | Rob York August 22, 2015

North Korea challenges U.S. to visit alleged biological weapons site

Defense Commission calls accusations 'slander,' invites American officials to visit a site that 'truly' upholds human rights

Rob York July 14, 2015

U.S. again says no plans to aid N. Korea during drought

State Department says number of conditions must be fulfilled to receive aid, including transparency

Rob York July 7, 2015

LDP recommends renewed sanctions on N. Korea

Party bigwig recommends ban on most financial transactions in absence of abductee negotiations progress

Rob York June 26, 2015
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