October 31, 2020

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Rob York

Rob York is director for regional affairs at the Pacific Forum. He previously worked as a production editor for The South China Morning Post and chief editor of NK News. He is also a Ph.D. candidate in Korean history at the University of Hawaii at Manoa.

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North Korea releases Australian missionary

Release comes after Pyongyang's refusal to discuss detention of South Korean evangelist

Rob York March 3, 2014

North's low press freedom score corroborates UN COI report

In face of Associated Press presence, why is North Korea's freedom-of-the-press ranking still dismal?

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Tensions in hereditary leadership can resolve nuclear issue – academic

Author says North appears ‘confused’ about which leader’s policies to embrace

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Abductee's parents see potential resolution after UN report

Nearly three decades after daughter's abduction, Megumi Yokota's parents still fight for her

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N. Korean rights activist sets sights on U.S. Congress

Well-known for advocacy, Scholte nonetheless faces long odds in Virginia

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Australian man arrested in North Korea for Missionary Activities

Arrest comes three months after release of American 85 year old, Merrill Newman

Rob York February 19, 2014

UN to condemn North Korea for human rights abuses

Expert says blanket criticism unlikely to achieve positive change without recognizing broader context

Rob York February 17, 2014

North, South Korea agree to go forward with reunions

Assessments mixed regarding North's intentions, willingness to follow through

Rob York February 14, 2014

North, South Korea hold first high-level talks in years

Agenda for talks unclear, but officials call them 'pleasant surprise' nonetheless

Rob York February 12, 2014

Ambassador's visit cancelled, hopes for Bae release dashed

No explanation offered; turn of events rescinded August invitation

Rob York February 10, 2014