January 26, 2020

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Rob York

Rob York is a feature writer for NK News and Ph.D candidate in Korean history at the University of Hawaii at Manoa.

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No optimism for inter-Korean unification in Japan

Peace in its neighborhood would be welcomed, but Tokyo sees little hope

Rob York December 14, 2015

Are PUST students potential North Korean hackers?

Debate centers on whether PUST serves helpful role even if grads are recruited to hack

JH Ahn | Rob York December 13, 2015

North Korea or China: Who threatens Japan?

Experts on Tokyo’s relations divided over which is more intimidating

Rob York December 10, 2015

What Chinese experts think of U.S., S.Korea’s N.Korea approaches

Scholars, observers think Trustpolitik has potential; ‘strategic patience’ not so much

Rob York December 7, 2015

Would a destabilized Korean Peninsula mean a China-U.S war?

China, U.S. more likely to be odds in times of peace, Chinese North Korea watchers say

Rob York December 1, 2015

If North Korea will never give up its nukes, what can the U.S. do?

Acknowledging Pyongyang’s determination to keep its weapons, experts suggest patient approach

Rob York November 20, 2015

Is it time for the U.S. to ban tourism to N. Korea?

U.S. hesitates to obstruct visits, even to nations with adversarial relations, in recent decades

Rob York November 16, 2015

What will it take for normalization between Japan and N. Korea?

Abductions resolution required for Japan-N.Korea normalization, panel of experts suggest

Rob York November 12, 2015

Experts: Abductions negotiations keep the pressure on N. Korea

Tokyo can bring Pyongyang to the negotiating table and keep abductees from being forgotten

Rob York November 10, 2015

Russian experts: U.S. must engage North Korea

Russian scholars say U.S. failure to deal with Pyongyang results in more nukes

Rob York November 4, 2015
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