June 03, 2020

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Meet the two rappers planning to shoot a video in North Korea

"Citizen diplomat" helping young rappers to shoot music video in North Korea

Oliver Hotham September 6, 2013

DPRK birthday to be celebrated in Uganda and South Africa

Mainstream political figures in Uganda and South Africa prepare for North Korea's 65th anniversary

Oliver Hotham September 5, 2013

PyeongChang 2018 organizers reject North Korea co-hosting bid

North Korean bid to host Winter Olympics rejected by South Korean side

Oliver Hotham September 4, 2013

Bringing the free press to North Korea

Defector turned newspaper proprietor plans infiltration in his home country

Oliver Hotham September 4, 2013

Profile Kenneth Bae: an American prisoner in N. Korea

Is imprisoned American hostage, criminal or bargaining chip?

Oliver Hotham September 4, 2013

N. Korea strengthens ties with Cameroon, other African countries

North Korean tour of Africa shrouded in mystery

Oliver Hotham August 23, 2013

Kumgang reopening not linked to family reunions, South insists

The South is arguing that the issue of family reunions is a strictly humanitarian one

Oliver Hotham August 21, 2013

Daughter of French Socialist politician at summer camp in North Korea

"Dad would tell me quite a lot of stories about President Kim Il Sung and leader Kim Jong Il"

Oliver Hotham August 20, 2013

N. Korea pushes for re-opening of Kumgang tourist resort

Failure to re-open Kumgang could lead to a North Korean "demonstration of strength"

Oliver Hotham August 19, 2013

South Korea offers North date for talks on family reunions

South Korea offers talks on family reunions for August 23

Oliver Hotham August 16, 2013