July 10, 2020

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Kim Jong Un staying in provinces, no sign of "peculiar" activity: Blue House

South Korean government seeks to play down report of North Korean leader's health emergency

Jeongmin Kim | Oliver Hotham April 21, 2020

Life continues as normal in Pyongyang as Kim Jong Un health rumors swirl

Sources report nothing unusual in DPRK capital amid claims of leader in "grave danger"

Chad O'Carroll | Oliver Hotham April 20, 2020

Austria moves to deport one of North Korea's few international footballers

SKN St. Pölten, where Pak Kwang Ryong has played since 2017, insists he still holds a "valid contract," however

Oliver Hotham April 20, 2020

North Korea denies Kim Jong Un sent a "nice note" to President Trump

DPRK foreign ministry official insists no letter was sent recently, accuses U.S. President of "baseless" claims

Jeongmin Kim | Oliver Hotham April 19, 2020

U.S. President says he received another "nice note" from North Korean leader

U.S. relations with North Korea "doing just fine," Trump insists

Oliver Hotham April 18, 2020

North Korea launches multiple cruise missiles from east coast, South Korea says

Test represents DPRK's fifth so far this year, comes amid other reported military activity by the country's air force

North Korean Cabinet officials accused of "serious mistakes" last year: KCNA

At parliamentary session, top technocrats urged to ensure "unified guidance" in state management of the economy

Oliver Hotham April 12, 2020

Two Russian diplomats in North Korea freed after 30-day quarantine

Natalya Noskova and Vadim Tetin arrived in the DPRK on March 9, brought diplomatic mail and medicine into the country

Oliver Hotham April 9, 2020

Over five hundred North Korean workers remain in Russia, government says

Amid effective DPRK border closure due to COVID-19 concerns, 511 laborers reportedly stranded in Russia

Oliver Hotham March 30, 2020

North Korea, other member states urge UN to help lift unilateral sanctions

Sanctions impeding ability to fight COVID-19, eight countries tell Secretary General António Guterres

Oliver Hotham March 26, 2020
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