June 04, 2020

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Two Russian diplomats in North Korea freed after 30-day quarantine

Natalya Noskova and Vadim Tetin arrived in the DPRK on March 9, brought diplomatic mail and medicine into the country

Oliver Hotham April 9, 2020

Over five hundred North Korean workers remain in Russia, government says

Amid effective DPRK border closure due to COVID-19 concerns, 511 laborers reportedly stranded in Russia

Oliver Hotham March 30, 2020

North Korea, other member states urge UN to help lift unilateral sanctions

Sanctions impeding ability to fight COVID-19, eight countries tell Secretary General António Guterres

Oliver Hotham March 26, 2020

Kim Jong Un oversees artillery strike contest by North Korean army: KCNA

Western front exercise is the second of its kind this month, aimed at determining combat readiness

Oliver Hotham March 20, 2020

Following Brexit, North Korean embassy in Germany now running relations with EU

"Last minute" move comes amid broader reshuffle in DPRK foreign ministry

Jacob Fromer | Oliver Hotham March 19, 2020

North Korea appoints former U.S. interlocutor as ambassador to Austria

News comes amid a spate of new appointments by DPRK's Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA), including new Iran envoy

Oliver Hotham March 14, 2020

North Korea partially relaxes quarantine restrictions on resident diplomats

New rules a "relief," though diplomatic work remains severely limited, Russian embassy says

Oliver Hotham March 12, 2020

Annual Pyongyang film festival postponed by a month, organizers say

Pyongyang International Film Festival (PIFF) now set to take place in October for reasons that remain unclear

Oliver Hotham March 11, 2020

After over a month under quarantine, foreign diplomats leave Pyongyang

Officials from overseas missions arrived in Vladivostok on Monday morning

Oliver Hotham March 8, 2020

North Korea warns of "grave response" to EU states' condemnation of missile test

Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) spokesperson defends DPRK's "usual training of our military" earlier in the week

Jeongmin Kim | Oliver Hotham March 7, 2020
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