December 13, 2019

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No talks with the U.S. while "threats" persist, top North Korean official says

Kim Yong Chol insists "confidence-building" must precede any negotiations on nuclear issue

Oliver Hotham November 18, 2019

Kim Jong Un guides second round of training exercises by North Korean air force

DPRK leader hails "brave" sharpshooters of the Korean People's Army, urges them to become an "invincible" force

Oliver Hotham November 17, 2019

South Korea, U.S. to postpone planned air combat military drills

Move intended to facilitate diplomacy with North Korea, U.S. Secretary of Defense says, denies it's a "concession"

Oliver Hotham November 17, 2019

Kim Jong Un attends flight contest by North Korea's "invincible" air force: KCNA

"Combat Flight Contest-2019" comes amid growing DPRK complaints over upcoming ROK-U.S. air drills

Oliver Hotham November 15, 2019

33 North Koreans leave Nepal amid broader crackdown, report to UN says

Kathmandu also reported to have ordered DPRK-linked businesses be shut down

Oliver Hotham November 15, 2019

Stop sharing sensitive photos on social media, North Korea warns diplomats

Foreign envoys sharing imagery with "impure intentions," DPRK foreign ministry complains

Oliver Hotham November 14, 2019

North Korean foreign ministry delegation en route to Southeast Asia: KCNA

High-level diplomats to visit Cambodia, Laos, and Malaysia, state media says

Oliver Hotham November 10, 2019

Kim Pyong Il, long-time North Korean ambassador in Europe, returns home

Successor in Prague posting set to be Ju Won Chol, a former foreign ministry Second European Department official

Oliver Hotham November 8, 2019

South Korea repatriates two North Koreans accused of murdering crew mates

Seoul says two "criminals" not subject to protection under law, though it's unclear if they attempted to claim asylum

Oliver Hotham November 7, 2019

South Korea proposes delegation for visit to North Korea's Mount Kumgang

Joint inspection team to feature "authorities and business operators," MOU says

Oliver Hotham November 5, 2019
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