July 10, 2020

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Drop plans for anti-South leafleting campaign, Seoul urges North Korea

Ministry of Unification condemns Pyongyang's plans to send “leaflet bombs of justice” across the inter-Korean border

Jeongmin Kim | Oliver Hotham June 20, 2020

North Korea to deploy troops, resume military drills in demilitarized areas

Pyongyang also says it rejected request from Seoul to send a special envoy in a bid to easing souring tensions

Oliver Hotham June 16, 2020

North Korea demolishes inter-Korean liaison office at Kaesong

News follow mounting North Korean threats of military action against the South

Jeongmin Kim | Oliver Hotham June 16, 2020

North Korea to defy inter-Korean military agreement, return troops to frontline

General Staff of the KPA says military will also assist in a "leaflet scattering" campaign against the South

Oliver Hotham June 15, 2020

Stop "nonsensical" talk about denuclearization, North Korea urges South

Top foreign ministry official slams "pathetic and miserable" South Korean government for efforts to play mediator

Oliver Hotham June 13, 2020

North Korea warns of "painful" consequences for South Korea as tensions mount

Head of DPRK's United Front Department dismisses ROK efforts to stop anti-regime leaflets being sent North as insincere

Oliver Hotham June 12, 2020

North Korea rules out more concessions to U.S., will pursue weapons development

In statement marking two years since the Singapore summit, foreign minister says relations have "shifted into despair"

Oliver Hotham June 11, 2020

South Korea calls on activists to stop sending anti-regime leaflets to the North

Remarks follow North's threats to withdraw from inter-Korean military agreement should "anti-DPRK" activities continue

Stop activists sending leaflets into North Korea, Kim Yo Jong warns South

Pyongyang could withdraw from inter-Korean military accord should "anti-DPRK" activity not stop, leader's sister says

Inter-Korean laws don't ban North Korean YouTubers: Seoul's unification ministry

Seoul working with "relevant authorities" on response to social media-friendly propaganda from Pyongyang

Oliver Hotham June 2, 2020
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