February 22, 2020

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NK News is a North Korea specialist news and information resource head-quartered in Delaware, U.S.A.

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An American prisoner in North Korea - NK News podcast special episode part 1

Part one of an exclusive NK News series

NK News December 24, 2019

On Her Majesty's diplomatic service in Pyongyang - NKNews Podcast Ep.107

John Everard discusses his time as the UK's top diplomat to the DPRK and his thoughts on prospects for the future

NK News December 16, 2019

NK Pro investigation sheds light on Air China's N. Korea fueling arrangements

Jet fuel transfers to Air China raise questions about where Pyongyang is getting supply from

NK News December 16, 2019

DPRK history and plagiarism in Korean Studies - NKNews Podcast Ep.106

Professor Balázs Szalontai discusses his scholarly work on North Korea and the controversy surrounding Charles Armstrong

NK News December 10, 2019

Fire, fury, and summitry: reporting on North Korea - NKNews Podcast Ep.105

Before she leaves the NK News team, senior correspondent Dagyum Ji sits down to discuss her thoughts on all things DPRK

NK News December 3, 2019

Going back and forth to Pyongyang as a secret negotiator - NKNews Podcast Ep.104

Park Chul-un discusses his multiple clandestine trips across the DMZ during a turbulent period in inter-Korean relations

NK News November 26, 2019

Bringing Slovenian avant-garde rock to the DPRK - NKNews Podcast Ep.103

Morten Traavik and Mary Sun Kim discuss Laibach's 2015 concert in Pyongyang and navigating North Korean censorship

NK News November 19, 2019

The UN COI report on North Korea, five years later - NKNews Podcast Ep.102

Michael Kirby discusses what has and hasn't changed in DPRK human rights since the landmark document in 2014

NK News November 12, 2019

What Presidents Moon and Trump get wrong about the DPRK - NKNews Podcast Ep.101

Former diplomat David Straub discusses why current ROK-U.S. policy towards North Korea is failing — and how to change it

NK News November 5, 2019
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