October 24, 2020

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Min Chao Choy

Min Chao Choy is a data journalist for NK News and NK Pro, currently based in Los Angeles.

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South Korea accuses North Korea of hacking attempts against science ministry

South Korea's science ministry attributed seven attacks to the DPRK between January and the end of July

Min Chao Choy October 6, 2020

North Korea’s diplomats are moonlighting as arms smugglers abroad: Report

Former UN Panel of Experts member speaks out against slow and ineffective measures on North Korean arms smuggling

Min Chao Choy October 1, 2020

New cookie-cutter homes show North Korea’s ‘socialist fairyland’ aesthetic

A recent propaganda campaign on a newly-built model village offers a unique glimpse into North Korean urban planning

Min Chao Choy September 29, 2020

North Korea’s cafe culture is growing, but coffee is still a luxury brew

Coffee shops are cropping up in Pyongyang and prices are pushing new limits of what's "high-end"

Min Chao Choy September 25, 2020

Doctors Without Borders spends $1.4 million on TB hospitals, aid in North Korea

NGO details its spending for the first time since it returned to the country in 2019

Min Chao Choy September 24, 2020

North Korean man gets seven years of prison labor for Russian border assault

Russia doled out its harshest sentence yet for a 2019 incident involving 17 North Korean fisherman

Min Chao Choy September 21, 2020

North Korean man accused of money laundering appeals US extradition order

Mun Chol Myong’s appeal began in Kuala Lumpur High Court on Friday

Min Chao Choy September 21, 2020

‘The most colorful city I’ve ever been to’: New map explores Pyongyang design

A critic and photographer documents North Korean architecture in a rare, independently-produced travel guide 

Min Chao Choy September 15, 2020

US charges North Korean father-daughter team with fraud and money laundering

One of the North Koreans charged was once a suspect in Kim Jong Nam’s assassination

Min Chao Choy September 13, 2020

Russia delivers 25,000 tons of aid to North Korea in second shipment of year

The volume of aid is the same as April’s delivery, likely approved before recent typhoons hit

Min Chao Choy September 13, 2020
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