January 20, 2021

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Kelly Kasulis

Kelly Kasulis is the Managing Editor of NK News, based in Seoul. She previously covered North and South Korea for Public Radio International, Al Jazeera English, Bloomberg Industry, Mic and many others. Follow Kelly on Twitter: @kasulisk.

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Biden wins election, foreshadowing a more traditional US approach to North Korea

Experts say the former US vice president will be harsher on North Korea, but is still open to meeting Kim Jong Un

Kelly Kasulis November 7, 2020

South Korea closely watches US election, vows to ‘work with any administration’

Regardless of the results, South Korea's foreign minister will meet U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo next week

Kelly Kasulis November 5, 2020

Biden writes rare op-ed on denuclearization and Korean War family separations

Biden addressed South Korea and Korean Americans at large in an unprecedented Yonhap News Agency article

Kelly Kasulis October 29, 2020

Xi Jinping sent Kim Jong Un a friendly message — yet another bad omen for the US

China and North Korea continue to grow closer, and experts say this spells a bad future for sanctions enforcement

Kelly Kasulis October 28, 2020

Biden says Trump insulted US allies by ’embracing dictators’ like Kim Jong Un

Biden called out Trump's relationship with North Korea but said that Washington's greatest threat is Russia and China

Kelly Kasulis October 25, 2020

North Korean defectors to Seoul on the rise, but nowhere near last year’s count

At least 1,000 North Koreans came to the South every year for the last two decades. But so far, only 195 arrived in 2020

Kelly Kasulis October 21, 2020

Kim Jong Un honors fallen Chinese soldiers in a bid to get closer with Beijing

To honor the 70th anniversary of Chinese soldiers entering the Korean War, Kim visited a cemetery and gifted flowers

Kelly Kasulis October 21, 2020

North Korea slams ‘The Mole’ documentary as ‘nonsense’ and demands raw footage

North Korea’s Embassy in Stockholm is calling out the documentary series in a privately circulated note seen by NK News

Kelly Kasulis | Min Chao Choy October 16, 2020

UN calls North Korea’s September border shooting ‘unlawful and arbitrary’

In a newly-released report, the U.N. urges both North and South Korea to divulge what they know about the case

Kelly Kasulis October 15, 2020

Kim Jong Un sheds tears and speaks of North Korea’s hardships at holiday speech

Speaking at the ruling party's 75th anniversary events, Kim also expressed hopes to "hold hands" with South Korea again

Colin Zwirko | Kelly Kasulis October 10, 2020