October 23, 2020

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Kelly Kasulis

Kelly Kasulis is the Managing Editor of NK News, based in Seoul. She previously covered North and South Korea for Public Radio International, Al Jazeera English, Bloomberg Industry, Mic and many others. Follow Kelly on Twitter: @kasulisk.

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Kim Jong Un apologizes for lethal shooting of South Korean official

Kim told South Korea's Blue House that the incident "shouldn't have happened" and that he's "sorry to have disappointed"

Jeongmin Kim | Kelly Kasulis September 25, 2020

North Korean defector arrested after trying to return to the DPRK

The defector allegedly broke into a military training site during his attempt to return to North Korea

Kelly Kasulis September 19, 2020

North Korea may need to import more grains to survive COVID-19 and 2020 storms

Cereal crop production looks favorable for much of the world, but North Korea may still suffer from terrible shortages

Kelly Kasulis September 18, 2020

‘Funding has fallen’: UN sounds alarm on lack of food aid for North Korea

World Food Programme says it shut down all DPRK offices outside of Pyongyang amid a “shortage of funds”

Kelly Kasulis September 8, 2020

Paju pushes to reopen DMZ tours after COVID-19 and African Swine Fever closures

Businesses in the area have suffered after African Swine Fever-related closures starting in Oct. 2019

Kelly Kasulis September 8, 2020

Seoul might ask for a refund after donating $11.6 million for North Korean aid

South Korea donated 13.8 billion won to the World Food Programme for a rice aid delivery, but Pyongyang hasn't accepted

Kelly Kasulis September 3, 2020

Little to no mention of North Korea during US Republican National Convention

After touting North Korea as a major victory in 2018, Trump fails to mention the DPRK even once in his final RNC speech

Kelly Kasulis August 28, 2020

North Korean state media blasts 'disgusting' defector-politician Thae Yong-ho

The DPRK likely slandered Thae because he's against a new draft policy that would ban leaflet send-overs, experts say

Kelly Kasulis August 27, 2020

North Korea ramps up anti-smoking campaign while Kim Jong Un puffs away

State media has covered smoking prevention efforts several times recently, but the DPRK leader can't kick the habit

Kelly Kasulis August 24, 2020

Seoul’s unification minister pushes for progress with US and Chinese ambassadors

Lee In-young stressed the need for peace and denuclearization to ambassadors Harry Harris and Xing Haiming this week

Jeongmin Kim | Kelly Kasulis August 19, 2020