January 20, 2021

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Kelly Kasulis

Kelly Kasulis is the Managing Editor of NK News, based in Seoul. She previously covered North and South Korea for Public Radio International, Al Jazeera English, Bloomberg Industry, Mic and many others. Follow Kelly on Twitter: @kasulisk.

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Disappointed but hopeful, Biegun urges Pyongyang to prep diplomacy plan for 2021

The US deputy secretary of state made a candid speech on North Korea, reiterating an offer on sanctions and development

Kelly Kasulis December 10, 2020

South Korean governor wants to make shoes and auto parts with North Korea again

Gyeonggi province vice governor for peace, Lee Jae-gang, urges Seoul and Pyongyang to reopen Kaesong Industrial Complex

Kelly Kasulis December 9, 2020

US deputy secretary of state to meet top South Korean security officials

Biegun started off his trip to Seoul with words of praise, but the most intense meetings have yet to come

Kelly Kasulis December 9, 2020

South Korea holds out hope for a ‘U-turn’ with North Korea in 2021

Unification minister Lee In-young talks COVID-19, working with Biden and winning Pyongyang back in the new year

Kelly Kasulis December 7, 2020

Gift guide: Books on North Korea for the casual reader to the diehard enthusiast

Several new books came out this year, and all of them offer a fresh look at what’s going on in Pyongyang and beyond

Kelly Kasulis December 7, 2020

Human Rights Watch decries bill that could jail North Korea activists

The South Korean bill could fine leafleting activists up to $27,200 or jail them for up to three years

Kelly Kasulis December 4, 2020

South Korea once again avoids co-sponsoring a UN resolution on DPRK human rights

The 2005 U.N. resolution was renewed for the 16th year in a row on Wednesday

Kelly Kasulis November 19, 2020

US forces successfully intercept and destroy ICBM-like target during test run

The test came just weeks after North Korea debuted a new ICBM, but the US Missile Defense Agency didn't mention the DPRK

Kelly Kasulis November 17, 2020

Moon and Biden to have phone call this week, despite Trump’s refusal to concede

The South Korean president already congratulated Biden days ago. Now, he has a call with him on Thursday.

Jeongmin Kim | Kelly Kasulis November 11, 2020

Hikers can soon visit one of the world’s most heavily-armed borders again

South Koreans will be able to hike in the DMZ starting Nov. 28, but only in small groups and on an application basis

Kelly Kasulis November 10, 2020