September 25, 2020

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Justin Rohrlich

Justin Rohrlich is an Emmy Award winning journalist with a keen interest in North Korean affairs

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Exclusive: More pics from the first Western tourist in Sinuiju

Exclusive photos show that even "man-bags" are available in Sinujiu City

Justin Rohrlich May 21, 2013

A Short History of Nuclear Folly: Focus North Korea

“Is a country like North Korea treating nuclear technology as responsibly as the superpowers during the Cold War? I would have serious doubts about that"

Justin Rohrlich May 18, 2013

Meet The Fixer Who Took Google's Eric Schmidt to Pyongyang

NK News speaks to Tony Namkung, a Korean-American that has a long history of working on North Korean track two diplomacy

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Remembering North Korea's 'Random Access Club'

Canadian Erich Weingartner recounts how he helped set up an exclusive foreigner only bar in Pyongyang

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North Korea's Nightlife Scene: The Pyongyang Perspective

Justin Rohrlich speaks to former residents and regular visitors to learn more about nightlife in North Korea

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North Korean BBQ Diplomacy: How Current Tensions Are Hurting New York's "Mob Crew"

"The more I grow up, the more I’m learning that that f--kin’ gangster mentality never got me anywhere."

Justin Rohrlich April 8, 2013