February 22, 2020

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JH Ahn

JH Ahn was an NK News contributor based in Seoul. He previously worked as an interpreter for United States Forces Korea.

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North Korea's Foreign Ministry launches new website

mfa.gov.kp does not appear to be fully up to date, however

JH Ahn June 22, 2017

What a North Korean drone crash reveals about the country's UAVs

Expert says DPRK technology remains rudimentary

JH Ahn June 22, 2017

S. Korean lawyers to again request meeting with 12 restaurant-worker defectors

Minbyun hopes to persuade newly appointed NIS chief to review controversial case

JH Ahn June 19, 2017

Pyongyang won't discuss nuclear issues with Seoul: North Korean media

"Washington’s puppet" should not be involved in denuclearization talks, says Uriminzzokiri

JH Ahn June 19, 2017

Following in Kim Dae-jung's footsteps? Moon's June 15 speech, in summary

Seoul is ready to engage in unconditional dialogue with Pyongyang, if it is ready

JH Ahn June 16, 2017

North Korean tech company launches mobile fitness app: Arirang-Meari

"Workout Companion" available on mobile phone and tablet PC

JH Ahn June 7, 2017

N. Korea "positive" about inter-Korean conference in Pyongyang next week: NGO

Despite initial reports that DPRK would cancel event, June 15 Committee claims plan is approved

JH Ahn June 6, 2017

S. Korean lawmakers to propose resolution urging family reunions in August

But opposition may block meetings of long-separated relatives, expert suggests

JH Ahn June 5, 2017

Reconstruction underway at Pyongyang's Ministry of People's Security compound

Building, demolished in April, now being swiftly rebuilt, satellite imagery reveals

JH Ahn June 1, 2017

June 15 Committee granted permission to contact North Korea

NGO must send letters or faxes, as counterparts are not permitted to receive email or phone calls

JH Ahn June 1, 2017
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