September 30, 2020

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Jeongmin Kim

Jeongmin Kim is a correspondent at NK News, based in Seoul. She previously worked for the CSIS Korea Chair and in the Seoul bureau of Reuters news agency. Follow her on Twitter @jeongminnkim

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North Korea issues warnings ahead of Typhoon Bavi's touchdown in Pyongyang

Typhoon Bavi may bring strength similar to Typhoon Lingling, which displaced more than 6,000 DPRK citizens in 2019

Jeongmin Kim August 25, 2020

Rumors explained: Is Kim Jong Un really in a coma? Will Kim Yo Jong take over?

Rumors surface yet again that Kim Jong Un is gravely ill and Kim Yo Jong assumed power — but most of it is likely false

Colin Zwirko | Jeongmin Kim August 24, 2020

Why Seoul's dream to barter for North Korean booze may soon fall apart

If supply chains involve previously sanctioned entities, then even barter trade would be blocked by U.N. sanctions

Jeongmin Kim | Min Chao Choy August 24, 2020

Majority of foreign NGO workers have left North Korea: Sources

Only one NGO now maintaining its presence in the DPRK, source says

Jeongmin Kim August 21, 2020

COVID-19 test kits sent by private South Korean group arrive in North Korea

Delivery made via the Dandong-Sinuiju land route in mid-August

Jeongmin Kim August 21, 2020

North Korea's long-term economic goals 'seriously delayed,' ruling party says

Plenum meeting reveals details ahead of Eighth Congress in Jan. 2021, where a new five-year economic plan will emerge

Colin Zwirko | Jeongmin Kim August 19, 2020

Seoul’s unification minister pushes for progress with US and Chinese ambassadors

Lee In-young stressed the need for peace and denuclearization to ambassadors Harry Harris and Xing Haiming this week

Jeongmin Kim | Kelly Kasulis August 19, 2020

North Korea may be closing a key sea route for humanitarian aid deliveries

The move likely followed Kim Jong Un's order on July 25 to strengthen measures against potential COVID-19 risks

Jeongmin Kim August 19, 2020

'They saw us as lowlives': Defectors condemn police for investigation tactics

After leaflets raised ire in Pyongyang, Seoul police are investigating activist groups — but some say it's going too far

Jeongmin Kim August 18, 2020

ROK-US joint military exercises start after delay caused by COVID-19 infections

Computer-simulated Combined Command Post Training was delayed due to a confirmed COVID case among ROK army participants

Jeongmin Kim August 18, 2020
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