October 23, 2020

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Jeongmin Kim

Jeongmin Kim is a correspondent at NK News, based in Seoul. She previously worked for the CSIS Korea Chair and in the Seoul bureau of Reuters news agency. Follow her on Twitter @jeongminnkim

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South Korea calls for revived talks after Kim Jong Un’s emotional holiday speech

On Oct. 10, Kim expressed hope that the two Koreas would “take each other’s hand again” in the near future

Jeongmin Kim October 12, 2020

North Korean media blasted Seoul at least 600 times this year, lawmaker says

Conservative lawmaker claims that DPRK state media articles criticizing the South increased six-fold in 2019

Jeongmin Kim October 8, 2020

South Korea approved $1.24 million in private aid to North Korea in 2020

An annual parliamentary audit also revealed that North and South Koreans came into contact at least 161 times this year

Jeongmin Kim October 8, 2020

Missing North Korean diplomat defected to Seoul last year, lawmakers confirm

Jo Song Gil, the former DPRK chargé d’affaires in Italy who went missing in 2018, now lives in South Korea

Jeongmin Kim October 7, 2020

Son of border shooting victim says South Korea 'failed' to protect his father

The family of a South Korean government worker who was killed by DPRK soldiers calls for evidence of a defection

Jeongmin Kim October 6, 2020

Expert roundup: Does North Korea want Biden or Trump to win the 2020 election?

Analysts weigh in on what North Korea is hoping for this November, plus what it will do if either candidate wins

Jeongmin Kim October 5, 2020

North Korea tested 3,374 people for COVID-19 — all results negative, WHO says

Latest update from World Health Organization says that 31,163 have been released from quarantine as of Sept. 17

Jeongmin Kim September 30, 2020

A ‘warm-hearted father’: Family remembers man killed by North Korean soldiers

The older brother of a South Korean man who was shot and killed on Sept. 22 is demanding answers from the government

Jeongmin Kim September 29, 2020

North Korean defectors arriving in the South surge after months of record lows

Thirty-nine escapees entered South Korea in August, compared to just six in July

Jeongmin Kim September 28, 2020

South Korean man’s death is an ‘opportunity’ for inter-Korean talks, Moon says

Moon publicly shared his condolences, but said that he wants the killing to become more than a “tragic incident"

Jeongmin Kim | Kelly Kasulis September 28, 2020
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