January 20, 2021

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Jeongmin Kim

Jeongmin Kim is a correspondent at NK News, based in Seoul. She previously worked for the CSIS Korea Chair and in the Seoul bureau of Reuters news agency. Follow her on Twitter @jeongminnkim

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Only COVID-19 ended his search for his daughter: North Korea abductee dies at 78

Yun Jong-su was forced to live in North Korea for 33 years and he never stopped looking for his daughter after escaping

Jeongmin Kim January 6, 2021

Kim Jong Un gives rare speech at first North Korean Party Congress in years

Kim spoke on the country’s “underachieved” economic plan for a massive political event that will take several days

Jeongmin Kim | Kelly Kasulis January 5, 2021

North Korea tests 12,489 people for COVID-19, still claims zero confirmed cases

Border remains closed “for an uncertain period” with public gathering and movement partially banned, WHO says

Jeongmin Kim January 4, 2021

South Korea holds out hope for a major shout-out at North Korea’s Party Congress

Experts say that Kim Jong Un will inevitably bring up his Seoul counterparts, but will keep the message very vague

Jeongmin Kim January 4, 2021

Why Kim Jong Un ditched the classic New Years speech and penned a tender letter

Experts believe the North Korean leader has little to say after his country suffered a remarkably hard year

Jeongmin Kim January 1, 2021

Kim Jong Un pens ‘heartfelt’ New Years letter, gives no sign of hallmark speech

Kim Jong Un thanks his people for trusting his party during 'difficult times'

Jeongmin Kim December 31, 2020

Pregnant North Korean woman and teenage girl face possible repatriation in China

The United Nations is urging China not to forcibly return five North Korean defectors arrested in September

Jeongmin Kim December 31, 2020

UN collected $1.4 million in COVID-19 donations for North Korea this year

New U.N. data also shows that Switzerland and Russia paid the most for DPRK food aid in 2020

Jeongmin Kim December 30, 2020

South Korean civic groups fight ‘anti-leaflet’ law in constitutional court

Opposition party lawmakers also filed a revision to the recent law, which criminalizes leaflet launches to North Korea

Jeongmin Kim December 29, 2020

North Koreans earn just 4% of the average South Korean’s income, new report says

The average North Korean made less money in 2019 compared to a year prior, despite an improving economic growth rate

Jeongmin Kim December 28, 2020
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