October 01, 2020

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Jacob Fromer

Jacob Fromer is NK News‘s Washington DC correspondent. He previously worked in the U.S. Senate.

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Trump nominates deputy special representative for North Korea to UN post

Unclear if Alex Wong will retain North Korea duties if he is confirmed to new role by the U.S. Senate

Jacob Fromer February 11, 2020

Despite challenges, UN Panel of Experts on North Korea submits draft report

Panel members make eleventh-hour progress to deliver draft to 1718 Committee

Chad O'Carroll | Jacob Fromer February 8, 2020

North Korea spent $25 million on Alaska pollock from China in 2019, data shows

Import of millions of kilograms of fish from China last year came despite a thriving domestic seafood industry

Jacob Fromer February 7, 2020

North Korea is an "illegal nuclear power," IAEA chief insists

IAEA Director General Grossi said DPRK will present an "enormous challenge" if agency is allowed back in the country

Jacob Fromer February 5, 2020

North Korea issue won't be resolved unless China enforces sanctions: O'Brien

National Security Advisor says Beijing must work with U.S. to push North Korea toward denuclearization

Jacob Fromer February 5, 2020

No mention of North Korea in Trump's third State of the Union Address

Speech departed from previous two addresses, both of which made prominent mention of DPRK issue

Jacob Fromer February 4, 2020

State Department offers $2.4 million for human rights projects in North Korea

Projects should focus on information dissemination in DPRK, global awareness of human rights abuses, State Dept. says

Jacob Fromer February 1, 2020

At House hearing on Korea, U.S. official says China is enforcing UN sanctions

Lawmakers push back and question China's lax enforcement of UN Security Council sanctions

Jacob Fromer January 28, 2020

North Korea "clearly" trying to build long-range, nuclear-capable missile: Esper

"We're conscious of what they're trying to do," the U.S. Secretary of Defense said on Friday

Jacob Fromer January 24, 2020

Citing nuclear North Korea, "Doomsday Clock" moves closer than ever to midnight

World is "sleepwalking its way through a newly unstable nuclear landscape," Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists says

Jacob Fromer January 23, 2020
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