January 25, 2021

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Jacob Fromer

Jacob Fromer is NK News‘s Washington DC correspondent. He previously worked in the U.S. Senate.

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U.S. House passes bill saying Korean-Americans should be part of family reunions

Companion family reunions bill was introduced to the U.S. Senate last week

Jacob Fromer March 9, 2020

After indictment, North Korea rushed to move stolen funds to safety: DOJ

Federal prosecutors say DPRK moved stolen cryptocurrency as soon as cybercrime charges were made public

Jacob Fromer March 6, 2020

New UN report highlights dire state of women’s human rights in North Korea

Sexual violence, domestic abuse exacerbated by lack of rule of law, UN envoy for DPRK human rights says in report

Jacob Fromer March 5, 2020

North Korea’s long-range missiles threaten U.S., Esper tells Senators

Esper's comments follow Trump saying he had "no reaction" to DPRK's short-range missile tests this week

Jacob Fromer March 4, 2020

Trump’s reaction to North Korea’s missile launches: “No reaction,” he says

Trump's comments follow DPRK army drills on Friday and missile tests on Monday

Jacob Fromer March 3, 2020

Kim Yo Jong, sister of Kim Jong Un, lashes out at “foolish” South Korea

Statement is Kim Yo Jong's first official pronouncement carried by DPRK state media

Jacob Fromer March 3, 2020

Trump administration punishes two Chinese nationals for North Korean cybercrimes

After DPRK hacked cryptocurrency exchanges, two Chinese nationals allegedly laundered $100 million for North Korea

Jacob Fromer March 2, 2020

On Hanoi summit anniversary, Kim Jong Un oversees “joint strike” military drill

North Korean army turned small islet into "sea of flames," state media says

Jacob Fromer February 28, 2020

WHO granted sanctions exemption for coronavirus prevention work in North Korea

Exemption is third for tackling COVID-19 as Pyongyang continues to report no cases of the illness

Jacob Fromer February 27, 2020

UN special rep. for North Korea human rights issues warning over coronavirus

Call to action comes as fears grow that coronavirus epidemic will spread to ill-prepared North Korea

Jacob Fromer February 26, 2020
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