September 25, 2020

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Jacob Fromer

Jacob Fromer is NK News‘s Washington DC correspondent. He previously worked in the U.S. Senate.

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In a hard news vacuum, the Kim Jong Un health rumor mill goes into overdrive

Dead, alive, abducted by aliens - speculation on the North Korean leader has been running rampant across the internet

Jacob Fromer | Min Chao Choy April 28, 2020

Trump says he has a "good idea" about Kim Jong Un's health, but can't say more

U.S. President says he wishes DPRK leader well as health rumors mount

Jacob Fromer April 27, 2020

Reports of Kim Jong Un's surgery and poor health "incorrect," Trump insists

President's comments come as uncertainty grows in Washington about status of North Korean leader's health

Jacob Fromer April 23, 2020

10.4 million North Koreans in "urgent" need of humanitarian assistance: UN

New UN report issues warning on lack of nutrition, healthcare, clean water in DPRK

Jacob Fromer April 22, 2020

"We don't know" if Kim Jong Un health rumors are true, Trump says

Comments follow widespread reports suggesting North Korean leader had undergone heart operation

Jacob Fromer April 21, 2020

North Korea earned millions in illicit funds last year, UN experts say

Latest report from UN's Panel of Experts finds Pyongyang continues to find ways to circumvent crushing sanctions

Jacob Fromer April 17, 2020

North Korea still violating nuclear, biological weapons treaties: State Dept.

Executive summary of upcoming State Department report highlights key source of U.S.-DPRK diplomatic stalemate

Jacob Fromer April 15, 2020

North Korea's latest missile test not "provocative or threatening," U.S. insists

With Kim Il Sung's birthday on Wednesday, U.S. Chairman of Joint Chiefs implies missile tests due to "celebration"

Jacob Fromer April 14, 2020

State Department approves potential $675 million arms sale to South Korea

Equipment would support South Korea's F-35 airplanes, State Department says

Jacob Fromer April 10, 2020

Amid pandemic, U.S. Treasury cuts some red tape for aid groups in North Korea

Aid groups will now have easier path to bring ambulances, laptops into DPRK, Treasury tells NK News

Jacob Fromer April 9, 2020
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