September 25, 2020

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Jacob Fromer

Jacob Fromer is NK News‘s Washington DC correspondent. He previously worked in the U.S. Senate.

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Russia sends wheat aid shipment to North Korea, embassy in Pyongyang says

Report of 25,000-tonne shipment comes as UN warns of widespread food insecurity in DPRK, U.S. warns of potential famine

Jacob Fromer May 14, 2020

Foreign subsidiaries of U.S. banks must enforce North Korea sanctions: Treasury

Treasury Department announcement is requirement of U.S. sanctions law passed late last year

Jacob Fromer May 13, 2020

"We assume" Kim Jong Un is alive and well, U.S. National Security Adviser says

DPRK leader has now been out of public eye for another 11 days, following three-week absence last month

Jacob Fromer May 12, 2020

Kim Jong Un congratulates Chinese leader Xi Jinping on COVID-19 "success"

"Verbal message" comes as Beijing says it has COVID-19 under control, Pyongyang denies having any infections at all

Jacob Fromer May 7, 2020

North Korean ambassador to Moscow, senior Russian diplomat hold talks

Third DPRK-Russia talks this week may mark return to normal diplomatic activity amid COVID-19 pandemic

Jacob Fromer May 6, 2020

North Korea may give up some "essential" nuclear weapons: intelligence nominee

DPRK nuclear threat "cannot be overstated," Director of National Intelligence nominee John L. Ratcliffe says

Jacob Fromer May 5, 2020

Kim Jong Un appears "alive and well" following three-week absence, Pompeo says

Secretary of State declines to comment on North Korean leader's health or recent whereabouts, however

Jacob Fromer May 3, 2020

U.S. hasn't seen Kim Jong Un for more than two weeks, Pompeo says

Speculation continues about DPRK leader's health as his long absence from the public eye continues

Jacob Fromer April 30, 2020

U.S. "closely" watching North Korea for famine, COVID-19: Pompeo

Secretary of State's comments come amid DPRK claims of no coronavirus cases, UN warnings of food insecurity in the North

Jacob Fromer April 29, 2020

KP or KR? Typos land countries in hot water for breaching North Korea sanctions

Some countries suspected of violating DPRK trade sanctions may simply have listed wrong Korea in their customs data

Jacob Fromer April 28, 2020
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