November 21, 2019

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Jacob Fromer

Jacob Fromer is NK News‘s Washington DC correspondent. He previously worked in the U.S. Senate.

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Divided Congress can have bipartisan "unity" on North Korea, congresswoman says

Leader of Asian Pacific American caucus tells NK News that diplomacy with DPRK is good, but not if it’s “just for show”

Jacob Fromer November 8, 2019

North Korean official lashes out at "villain" Abe over missile comments

Angry statement says North is "laughing" at Japanese leader's suggestion of no-strings-attached meeting with Kim Jong Un

Jacob Fromer November 7, 2019

Rising sea levels could inundate North Korea's Sinuiju by 2050, new study shows

New data projections show “hundreds of thousands” of North Koreans live in areas vulnerable to major flooding

Jacob Fromer November 6, 2019

DPRK's patience "nearing limitations" over planned air combat drills: official

North Korean official Kwon Jong Gun accused U.S. of seeking confrontation, trying to extinguish "spark" of dialogue

Jacob Fromer November 6, 2019

DPRK, U.S. need to address peace regime in negotiations: top State Dept official

U.S. Deputy Special Representative for DPRK Alex Wong calls peace regime with North "powerful" and "an aspiration"

Jacob Fromer November 5, 2019

State Department's DPRK policy focused on cyber crime, nuclear weapons: report

State Department's report highlights its own implementation of Trump Administration's Asia-Pacific policy

Jacob Fromer November 4, 2019

Progress with DPRK "far too slow," Pompeo says after North's missile launch

Secretary of State says U.S. is still working diligently "to try and get North Korea to denuclearize"

Jacob Fromer November 1, 2019

North Korean media hails "perfection" of new Multiple Launch Rocket System

Kim Jong Un "expressed satisfaction" over test of super-large multiple rocket launcher, but was not reported present

Jacob Fromer October 31, 2019

Korean-Americans should be part of DPRK family reunions: U.S. House Committee

House Foreign Affairs Committee passes bill saying State Dept, ROK should include Korean-Americans in future reunions

Jacob Fromer October 30, 2019

International Atomic Energy Agency appoints new director general

Rafael Grossi to lead agency amid stalemate in DPRK nuclear negotiations, ten years after IAEA kicked out of North Korea

Jacob Fromer October 29, 2019