September 21, 2020

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Curtis Melvin

Curtis Melvin a researcher at the US-Korea Institute at Johns Hopkins SAIS and contributor to NK News Pro. He is also editor of North Korean Economy Watch,  one of the longest running DPRK blogs, as well as creator and manager of a database of the most extensive Google Earth imagery work on North Korea.

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Kim Jong Un gets tweeted by western journalist in Pyongyang

Sky News reporter spots Kim Jong Un at public event in Pyongyang, tweets photo from the scene

Curtis Melvin July 25, 2013

Information on Rason 2013 Trade Fair emerges

Trade fair to take place as North Korea continues to stress importance of Rason

Curtis Melvin July 9, 2013

Revealed: Pyongyang's new Central Bank headquarters

Does new, larger building imply new responsibilities for Central Bank?

Curtis Melvin July 3, 2013

Revealed: Plans for North Korea's new $200m international airport

New economic development project also includes 'business centre' and golf course

Curtis Melvin June 27, 2013

North Korea's "Torure" Rail Transport System

The cart itself is simple piece of technology: It rolls downhill and is slowed by a friction brake system by the conductor

Curtis Melvin June 18, 2013

Analysis: Tracking Kim Jong Un's east coast tour

Kim Jong un completes largest tour outside of Pyongyang since inheriting power from the late Kim Jong Il

Curtis Melvin June 12, 2013

Revealed: Satellite images show progress on new Yalu bridge

First satellite imagery made public to show new bridge development between China and North Korea

Curtis Melvin June 4, 2013

More on Chongjin's residential construction project

Exclusive photos show extent of Chongjin's five year re-development plan

Curtis Melvin May 30, 2013

Located: North Korea's Masik Pass Ski Resort

'One of Kim Jong Un's definable domestic policy initiatives is the improvement of leisure facilities in the DPRK as a tool to raise the peoples' standard of living.'

Curtis Melvin May 29, 2013

New residential construction project underway in Chongjin

New housing project ignored by official media is exposed by satellite imagery analysis

Curtis Melvin May 22, 2013