August 08, 2020

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Colin Zwirko

Colin Zwirko is an NK News correspondent based in Seoul.

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North Korean media unveils new renovations at two Pyongyang subway stations

Renewal of interchange between DPRK capital's only two subway lines follows work on two other stations last year

Colin Zwirko June 15, 2020

North Korea warns U.S. not to interfere in growing spat with South

DPRK foreign ministry official says U.S. could face “horrible” consequences should it meddle in inter-Korean relations

Colin Zwirko June 10, 2020

North Korean app offers real estate listings for businesses: state media

“Treasure Island 1.0” for phones and tablets may signal modernized B2B practices within state-controlled system

Colin Zwirko June 8, 2020

North Korea condemns U.S. "suppression" of recent protests, criticism of China

Rare statement by DPRK ruling party accuses Secretary of State Mike Pompeo of "slandering" Pyongyang's long-time ally

Colin Zwirko June 3, 2020

North Korean TV airs new segment promoting national space program

State media lauds DPRK's efforts to become a "space power," hints at continued extra-terrestrial ambitions

Colin Zwirko May 29, 2020

Scrapping of five-year economic plan signaled in latest North Korean TV blurring

Key slogan of “five-year economic development strategy” also erased on state TV and phased out of print media

Colin Zwirko May 27, 2020

Mozambique denies North Korea sanctions violations, defends medical cooperation

Almost 100 DPRK doctors remain in country, Maputo says in first UN sanctions report, though all agreements suspended

Colin Zwirko May 26, 2020

"Sense of continuity": North Korea restores old TV series to feature Kim Jong Un

New films similar to those on his father aired at start of Kim’s rule, but began this month to be tacked onto old series

Colin Zwirko May 26, 2020

Rising stars: North Korea promotes two high-profile military officials

Pak Jong Chon and Ri Pyong Chol, now Vice Marshal and CMC vice-chairman, are frequently seen by Kim Jong Un's side

Colin Zwirko May 24, 2020

North Korean TV erasing Kim Jong Un's Supreme Commander emblem

Scene deletion, obscuring of emblem beginning in February may relate to 2019 constitutional change

Colin Zwirko May 22, 2020
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