February 19, 2020

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Colin Zwirko

Colin Zwirko is an NK News correspondent based in Seoul.

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'Let’s break through the barriers!' North Korea’s new political slogans for 2020

Propaganda slogans at Sunday’s mass rally in Pyongyang highlight ideological priorities for coming year

Colin Zwirko January 6, 2020

Egypt claims full compliance with sanctions on North Korean guest workers

Claim follows U.S. President Trump’s past pressure on Cairo to drop relations with Pyongyang

Colin Zwirko January 3, 2020

Trump, Pompeo brush off N. Korean policy shift while citing Singapore agreement

U.S. President and top diplomat show no signs of ceding ground to Pyongyang in quick-take New Year’s Eve reactions

Colin Zwirko January 1, 2020

Kim Jong Un warns of harsh economic times in offensive shift against U.S.

North Korean leader says at end of plenum hopes fading for sanctions relief, new weapon development needed

Colin Zwirko December 31, 2019

North Korea to ring in new year with another outdoor concert in Pyongyang

Stage set up in Kim Il Sung Square for celebrations likely similar to last year’s first-of-a-kind event

Colin Zwirko December 31, 2019

Sanctioned North Korean tanker seen conducting ship-to-ship transfers: Japan

Nam San 8 was photographed hooked up to small unknown vessel two days in a row in mid-December

Colin Zwirko December 30, 2019

Econ, military issues discussed on second day of North Korean party meeting

State media reporting lacks details on plenum's second day, event said to remain "ongoing"

Colin Zwirko December 29, 2019

China’s top law enforcement envoy led delegation in Pyongyang this week: embassy

Ministry of Public Security foreign cooperation chief Liao Jinrong met Chinese ambassador, other activities unclear

Colin Zwirko December 27, 2019

Chinese, North Korean provincial party leaders call for boosting cooperation

Jilin-North Hamgyong officials tour key Chongjin spots, as city-level agricultural agreement also signed

Colin Zwirko December 25, 2019

Russia to give almost $5 million to North Korea through UNICEF

Notice of donation accepted by DPRK official Wednesday, to go towards addressing child mortality

Colin Zwirko December 25, 2019
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