June 04, 2020

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Colin Zwirko

Colin Zwirko is an NK News correspondent based in Seoul.

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Kim Jong Un oversees artillery exercises ahead of key parliamentary meeting

North Korean leader emphasizes modernization, war-readiness at sixth drills of their kind this year

Colin Zwirko April 9, 2020

Thailand says it deported six illegal North Korean workers ahead of UN deadline

All six working in one North Korean restaurant were arrested and fined before being deported in early December

Colin Zwirko April 9, 2020

Pyongyang Spring International Trade Fair confirmed postponed due to coronavirus

New date for North Korea’s largest trade fair set for May yet to be determined, while April sci-tech fair also delayed

Colin Zwirko April 8, 2020

In COVID-19 fight, North Koreans told to avoid alcohol and unapproved medicines

DPRK TV bulletin also tells citizens to frequently change out masks and boost immunity with folk remedies

Colin Zwirko April 7, 2020

Coronavirus-related restrictions lifted on foreigners in Pyongyang: embassy

Foreigners in North Korean capital now allowed to visit various shops, but must follow on-site precautions

Colin Zwirko April 2, 2020

North Korean, Lao foreign ministries sign cooperation agreement in Vientiane

Two sides promise closer ties as DPRK business in Laos appears open, despite sanctions

Colin Zwirko April 1, 2020

North Korea raises prospect of “payback” on U.S. after Pompeo sanctions remarks

New MFA director for dialogue with U.S. says Secretary of State revealed "scheme" to buy time through Kim-Trump talks

Colin Zwirko March 30, 2020

North Korea stresses deployment goals in missile test led by defense officials

Kim Jong Un absent from coverage as Academy of Defense Science appeals to fulfill "major weapon production plans"

Colin Zwirko March 29, 2020

Air China says flights to North Korea remain suspended through early May

Only foreign carrier to operate flights to Pyongyang halted service in late January due to COVID-19

Colin Zwirko March 27, 2020

Top North Korean party departments spotlighted in rare visit to soldiers

Following artillery drills last week, Central Committee department cadres convey leader’s thanks, give gifts to soldiers

Colin Zwirko March 26, 2020
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