August 08, 2020

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Colin Zwirko

Colin Zwirko is an NK News correspondent based in Seoul.

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Kim Jong Un visits grandfather's mausoleum on death anniversary

Visit follows conspicuous absence from Kumsusan Palace in April, comes amid heightened COVID-19 measures

Colin Zwirko July 7, 2020

North Korean schools close one month into new term, sources say

Earlier reports indicated COVID-19 is to blame for ending an already-delayed school year

Colin Zwirko July 7, 2020

North Korean TV resumes domestic COVID-19 coverage following leader's warnings

Footage of sanitizing public facilities, other prevention efforts had mostly disappeared from state media in March

Colin Zwirko July 6, 2020

North Korean media hails 2017 ICBM launch on anniversary

Pyongyang had previously refrained from open praise for the "historic" July 4 Hwasong-14 test

Colin Zwirko July 3, 2020

Kim Jong Un reappears at Politburo meeting on COVID-19

North Korean officials criticized for lax attitude as Kim urges strengthening coronavirus response measures

North Korea marks Kim Jong Un leadership anniversary with low-key fare

National meeting not held for Kim's rise to "Chairman," likely due to wider changes initiated before the COVID-19 crisis

Colin Zwirko June 30, 2020

North Korea may have planned to acquire two Russian planes, despite sanctions

Aircraft in partial Air Koryo livery linked to Russian firm with history dealing to North Korea and small Kyrgyz airline

Colin Zwirko June 30, 2020

New North Korean ambassador to Iran meets Rouhani, talks “common enemy” U.S.

North Korea's Han Song U was confirmed as the new ambassador to Iran in his first public appearance in the country

Colin Zwirko June 29, 2020

"No future" for inter-Korean relations, top North Korean officials declare

Kim Yo Jong says South "subservient" to U.S., while Jang Kum Chol closes door on all contacts

Colin Zwirko June 16, 2020

North Korea's top university "intensifying" research on microsatellite tech

Research brief says Kim Il Sung University using American software STK to run satellite simulations

Colin Zwirko June 16, 2020
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