January 23, 2021

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Colin Zwirko

Colin Zwirko is a Senior Analytic Correspondent for NK News based in Seoul. Follow him on Twitter @ColinZwirko.

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No social distancing? North Koreans ring in the New Year with Pyongyang concert 

A live state media broadcast showed thousands of people wearing masks and cheering at a scaled-down New Years event

Colin Zwirko December 31, 2020

Rare North Korean Party Congress to take place ‘early January,’ Politburo says

Kim Jong Un chaired an unprecedented 12th Politburo meeting of the year on Tuesday

Colin Zwirko December 29, 2020

North Korea touts new electric trolleybuses ahead of massive beach resort debut

New trolleybus depot in Wonsan is part of the city's revival of this more efficient mode of public transport

Colin Zwirko December 28, 2020

Russian workers leave North Korea as joint coal project nears year-long shutdown

Some employees of RasonConTrans remain in border city despite COVID-19 lockdown putting indefinite pause on business

Colin Zwirko December 24, 2020

North Korean vlogger slams YouTube for deleted channel, calls out ‘impersonator’

YouTube cut a state-backed channel, but a look at related accounts raises questions about who’s running them

Colin Zwirko December 23, 2020

Nukes, horses and special forces: See North Korea’s new military parade stamps

The country released 15 new stamps honoring the recent military parade with artistic renderings of missiles and weapons

Colin Zwirko December 21, 2020

Nine years after taking power, Kim Jong Un visits his father’s grave

North Korean leader makes only his second appearance in the last month in traditional visit to the Kumsusan Palace

Colin Zwirko December 16, 2020

Kim Yo Jong breaks months of silence and threatens South Korean foreign minister

The North Korean leader's sister is responding to Kang Kyung-wha's doubts that the DPRK is COVID-19 free

Colin Zwirko December 8, 2020

North Korea passes spate of new laws on foreign culture, tech and telecom

Top officials also agree to hold the next Supreme People’s Assembly session in late Jan. 2021

Colin Zwirko December 4, 2020

North Koreans in the countryside may soon drink up a new domestic beer

A new North Korean beer called Tumangang sheds light on a Rason trade zone factory’s growth

Colin Zwirko December 4, 2020
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