July 09, 2020

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Chad O’Carroll

Chad O’Carroll has written on North Korea since 2010 and writes between London and Seoul.

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Singaporean implicated in luxury exports has longtime North Korea connections

Jordan Cheang owned Benata Business Centre and supermarkets, prior interviews show

Chad O'Carroll | Min Chao Choy April 29, 2020

Roh Kil Nam, founder of LA-based pro-Pyongyang news service, dies at 76

Roh had run Minjok Tongshin, a controversial pro-DPRK outlet for Korean speakers in the U.S., since 1999

Chad O'Carroll April 28, 2020

Amid Kim Jong Un health concerns, calm in both Dandong and Pyongyang

Despite COVID-19 restrictions, two trucks spotted crossing from DPRK to PRC at Dandong

Chad O'Carroll April 24, 2020

North Koreans "panic buying" at Pyongyang shops, sources say

Some sources don't connect recent surge in demand to Kim Jong Un health rumors, however

Chad O'Carroll April 22, 2020

Life continues as normal in Pyongyang as Kim Jong Un health rumors swirl

Sources report nothing unusual in DPRK capital amid claims of leader in "grave danger"

Chad O'Carroll | Oliver Hotham April 20, 2020

North Korea launches multiple cruise missiles from east coast, South Korea says

Test represents DPRK's fifth so far this year, comes amid other reported military activity by the country's air force

"Dire situation": How COVID-19 is impacting the North Korea travel industry

With tourism to North Korea frozen after a record-breaking year, some believe visits won't be possible until 2021

Chad O'Carroll April 7, 2020

North Korea launches two short-range ballistic missiles, South Korea says

Launch represents Pyongyang's fourth test of 2020

Chad O'Carroll March 28, 2020

Shadowy hacking group targets North Koreans, DPRK-focused professionals: Google

South Korea possibly linked to attacks via "DarkHotel" group

Chad O'Carroll March 26, 2020

Amid coronavirus fears, Sino-DPRK cross-border activity remains at a standstill

Source testimony reinforces conclusions from recent satellite imagery analysis of the area

Chad O'Carroll March 19, 2020
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