April 05, 2020

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Andrei Lankov

Andrei Lankov is a Director at NK News and writes exclusively for the site as one of the world’s leading authorities on North Korea. A graduate of Leningrad State University, he attended Pyongyang’s Kim Il Sung University from 1984-5 – an experience you can read about here. In addition to his writing, he is also a Professor at Kookmin University.

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Progressives may be naïve about North Korea, but conservative policies will likely only lead to increasing tensions

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With little progress in diplomacy, expect Pyongyang to return to a familiar playbook

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The current administration is wedded to a good-will policy — and Pyongyang is happy to exploit it

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Statues began being erected in the late 1960s, and continue to be sites of mandatory pilgrimage to this day

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Why it's time to drop unrealistic hopes for North Korean denuclearization

The unshakable commitment to an unachievable goal is stymying any chance of actually curbing the threat from Pyongyang

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How North Korea's devastating famine subverted the rigid "songbun" system

Many were able to use their foreign connections to start illegal, but profitable, cross-border businesses

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Why, in talks with the U.S., North Korea can now afford to play hardball

With China back onside and Trump facing a domestic crisis, Pyongyang is in no great rush

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Why, with John Bolton gone, U.S. diplomacy can move more freely — and recklessly

The hawkish advisor had long limited President Trump's more adventurous approach to North Korea

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If diplomacy with North Korea fails, could South Korea go nuclear?

Contrary to some American claims, a regional arms build-up appears unlikely

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In Japan, pessimism about the intractable Koreas now prevails

Observers and officials in Tokyo see little hope for reconciliation with either Seoul or Pyongyang

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