October 24, 2020

Defector Survey 2014

At the start of 2014 NK News conducted an opinion driven interview survey with eleven defectors from a wide range of backgrounds

What has been the biggest surprise since you left North Korea? Defector survey

Execution of Jang Song Thaek, growth of cell phone network, and emergence of middle class, among factors

Chad O'Carroll May 5, 2014

Is tourism in North Korea a good or bad idea? Eleven defectors share their thoughts

Defectors have mixed views about advantages, disadvantages to tourism in North Korea

Chad O'Carroll April 30, 2014

Will North Korean be able to understand capitalism and free speech? Refugee survey

While capitalism currently has strong roots in North Korea, corruption could pose problems in future

Chad O'Carroll April 28, 2014

What should the intl. community do to help the people of North Korea?

Mixture of isolation, engagement and carrot & stick strategies suggested by refugees

Chad O'Carroll April 23, 2014

Should Korea keep the cult of the Kims after reunification?

Statues and propaganda should be kept for historical purposes, some defectors say

Chad O'Carroll April 21, 2014

What do defectors miss most their lives in North Korea?

Family, friends and strong sense of community among things defectors miss about North Korea

Chad O'Carroll April 18, 2014

What should South Korea do to prepare for change in North Korea? Refugee Insights

Improving public opinion towards reunification important, defectors say

Chad O'Carroll April 16, 2014

Do North Koreans still believe the Pyongyang Propaganda? Defector perspectives

Between 20-50% of North Koreans still believe official propaganda, defectors say

Chad O'Carroll April 11, 2014

How long until North Korea collapses? Eleven defector perspectives

In first of ten part series, eleven defectors share their thoughts on the future of the North Korean regime

Chad O'Carroll April 9, 2014

Special Series: Defector insights into a changing North Korea

NK News launches ten-part extensive interview series with North Korean refugees

Chad O'Carroll April 8, 2014