February 19, 2020

Ask A North Korean

Your chance to ask questions to North Koreans about life growing up in the DPRK

Ask a North Korean: How is sport viewed in the DPRK?

Some fans sneak in liquor and "act just like the hooligans you’d see at the English football league"

Jinhyok Park July 14, 2016

A North Korean in the South Korean army

When South Korean men talk military service memories it's easy for a defector to feel left out

Kim Yoo-sung July 5, 2016

In North Korea it's no trousers or tank tops allowed

Women in the North face a number of rules, inconsistently applied, but nonetheless bothersome

Je Son Lee June 28, 2016

Why North Koreans turn to the church, and why they leave

North Korean can't stop curiosity about Christianity – but philandering pastors certainly can

Kim Yoo-sung June 22, 2016

How Americans see North Koreans

Many have had their views shaped by movies, but Americans are also welcoming and warm

Jinhyok Park June 14, 2016

Vets for no pets? What N.Koreans do with sick animals

Shortage of doctors – of all sorts – means different approach must be taken to treating animals

Je Son Lee June 8, 2016

What a North Korean thinks of South Korean elections

The fact that someone can promise something they won't, or can't, deliver is the most shocking part

Je Son Lee May 10, 2016

From North Korea’s capital to America’s

Meet Jinhyok, who will soon have graduated from schools named for both nations’ founders

Jinhyok Park May 4, 2016

Under wraps: Do North Koreans use condoms?

They're not widely available, and people don't know how to use the ones that are there

Ji-Min Kang April 27, 2016

North Korea's 'reusable' sanitary pads

Re-using sanitary napkins at that time every month the hardest part of a woman's life in the North

Je Son Lee April 19, 2016
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