January 27, 2021


Latest North Korea news from NK News correspondents

Kim Jong Un Backs Syria’s Assad

As more countries debate whether or not to arm the Syrian rebels, Kim Jong Un announces his full support for Assad.

NK News November 16, 2012

Is Wrestlemania Returning To North Korea?

Japanese pro-wrestler Antonio Inoki is back in the DPRK, holding talks with senior leadership and attending Judo tournaments.

Chad O'Carroll November 14, 2012

Experts Agree That Korea Must Unify

Experts from North Korea's Five Main Neighbors Agree On Need For Unification

Jennifer Chang November 14, 2012

South Korean Presidential Candidate to Resume Aid to Pyongyang if Elected

Conservative Presidential candidate Park Geun-hye has promised not to follow in Lee Myung-bak's footsteps after announcing she would resume humanitarian aid to the North, if elected.

Jennifer Chang November 8, 2012

NK News Unveils NK Leadership Tracker

Our new data visualization tool uses raw data to offer unprecedented insights into regime movements inside North Korea.

NK News November 1, 2012

North Korea Releases its Third iPad Clone

Pyongyang claims they built it themselves, but a quick analysis would suggest otherwise...

Chad O'Carroll October 25, 2012

Air Koryo Develops New Website

North Korea's maligned airline's new website looks pretty - but sadly it still doesn't work.

Chad O'Carroll October 23, 2012