October 31, 2020


Latest North Korea news from NK News correspondents

South Korea to give $13 million in aid to North

South Korea offer humanitarian aid in effort to improve cross border relations

Hamish Macdonald August 12, 2014

North Korea to publish human rights report

North Korea announces plans to publish its own human rights report, six months after COI inquiry concludes

Hamish Macdonald August 11, 2014

North Korea launch surfing tours on east coast

State tourism bureau commences surfing tours for foreigners at country's east coast resorts

Hamish Macdonald August 11, 2014

Inaugural reunification committee meeting held in Seoul

Infrastructure development on the agenda as Park chairs first special committee meeting

Hamish Macdonald August 8, 2014

Site links regime opponents to help abroad

Those who sign up can use a wide variety of skills to help N. Korean defectors

Rob York August 8, 2014

Yongbyon nuclear plant still active - U.S. think tank

Satellite analysis indicates North Korea's continued efforts to acquire enriched nuclear material

Hamish Macdonald August 7, 2014

North Korea may host international golf tournament in Kumgang

Tournament could include the South Korean funded Ananti-Kumgang hotel golf course

Phebe Kim August 7, 2014

South Korean intelligence failures could have "serious consequences" - report

A new report by the International Crisis Group claims that South Korean intelligence services are in need of reform

Leo Byrne August 6, 2014

Syria proposes airline allotment agreement with North Korea

Syria claims that a proposed agreement between its state airline and North Korea’s will bring numerous economic benefits

Hamish Macdonald August 6, 2014

Activist wants investigation over N. Korea mining deal

Human rights advocate says rare earths project violates UN sanctions prohibiting proliferation

Rob York August 6, 2014