February 19, 2020


Latest North Korea news from NK News correspondents

Revealed: North Korea's Sesame Street Export Business

Is Sesame Street Toy Production Being Unwittingly Outsourced to North Korea, or Is This a Bizarre Case of North Korean Bootlegging?

NK News January 8, 2013

Google's Schmidt Touches Down In Pyongyang, Despite The Critics

Purpose of high-profile visit is not clear, but Richardson suggests there may be a "social media aspect"

NK News January 7, 2013

North Korea Uses Newtown Shootings to Denounce America

In an ongoing propaganda effort, North Korea uses calamity in the U.S. to highlight the supposed low quality of life there

Benjamin R. Young January 7, 2013

North Korea's KCNA News Agency Revamps Its Website

As Google CEO Eric Schmidt announces his visit to North Korea, KCNA updates its website - albeit with major problems remaining

Chad O'Carroll January 4, 2013

North Korea's Jong Tae Se To Join South Korean Team

North Korea's World Cup 2010 hero Jong Te Se is confirmed to join a South Korean club - but how will the National Security Law affect the transfer, and what will North Korea think of the deal?

NK News January 4, 2013

Why is Google Chairman Eric Schmidt Going to Visit North Korea?

Just weeks after Kempinski's bid for the Hotel Of Doom, the Chairman of one of the world's biggest companies is heading to North Korea too - but why?

NK News January 3, 2013

Kim Jong Un Welcomes 2013 With A Message Of Peace

Rocket Launch Inspired Economic Lift Off Also On The Cards, Apparently

Gianluca Spezza January 1, 2013

North Korea Confirms Arrest of "Kenneth" Bae

Bae, owner of "Nation Tours", suggested to have been conducting religious activities in the DPRK under guise of tourism

Chad O'Carroll December 21, 2012

North Korean TV Airs "New" Rocket Footage

New North Korean Documentary Shows Kim Jong Un's Close Involvement In Satellite Preparations

NK News December 21, 2012