October 31, 2020


Latest North Korea news from NK News correspondents

North Korean veterans turn to violent, drug-related crimes: report

Radio Free Asia report cites sources claiming ‘difficult living situations’ led to illicit activity

Max Kim August 28, 2014

Joint U.S.-ROK drills end a day early

No official indication as to why drills finished a day prior to scheduled end

Hamish Macdonald August 28, 2014

Mapped: North Korea's oil routes

North Korea takes Russian oil while China's crude cut-off seems increasingly unlikely

James Byrne | Leo Byrne August 28, 2014

North Korea a step closer to Asia Games participation

Seoul sends letter at Panmunjom, accepting a number of proposals

Hamish Macdonald August 27, 2014

North Korea slams US over Ferguson riots

Foreign ministry spokesman says Michael Brown shooting is evidence of U.S. racism and human rights abuses

Hamish Macdonald August 26, 2014

Christian NGO behind North Korea surfing tour

Intention is not to proselytize, director insists

Hamish Macdonald August 26, 2014

North Korean documentary promotes Masikryong domestically

Year-round, family-friendly fun advertised to encourage off-season visitors

Doyun Kim August 26, 2014

Old style 5,000 won bills still in wide circulation – source

Old design may not be recalled until 2017

Chad O'Carroll August 26, 2014

At anniversary event, official calls for N. Korean defense industry to modernize

Call for 'ultra-modern' military comes after increasing reports of technical problems

Chad O'Carroll August 25, 2014

Report: Upgraded rocket arsenal may be coming

Activity at launching station indicates preparations for bigger, longer-range vehicles

Rob York August 25, 2014