October 19, 2019

Real Life

How North Korean culture affects lives both in and beyond the DPRK

Ask a North Korean: how has drug culture evolved in North Korea?

"Many are driving themselves into ruin for a momentary escape from their depressing reality"

Tae-il Shim October 16, 2019

Ask a North Korean: is it difficult for defectors to speak "South Korean"?

"Self-conscious of my North Korean accent, I usually stay silent wherever I go"

In-hua Kim October 7, 2019

Ask a North Korean: What impact do defectors have on North Korean society?

"The families and relatives of defectors, who were once despised, are now admired"

Tae-il Shim October 1, 2019

"Kings of the country": growing up in North Korea isn't always as bad as you'd think

Children in the DPRK enjoy more freedom and less mollycoddling from parents than kids in the West

Tatiana Gabroussenko September 18, 2019

Ask a North Korean: what kind of traditional culture still exists in the DPRK?

"Stop laughing and listen! This fortuneteller is really good, she figures things out well"

In-hua Kim September 12, 2019

On the road: transport and daily life in the DPRK

Photos show how North Koreans, rich and poor, get from A to B

NK News September 6, 2019

Ask a North Korean: What is the 'songbun' system like under Kim Jong Un?

"The songbun system exists in name only for many"

Tae-il Shim September 5, 2019

North Korean women and 'common law marriages' in China

The situation for these women is often dire, but various circumstances can lead to them staying

Andrei Lankov August 30, 2019

Ask a North Korean: how did N. Koreans react to Moon's 2018 visit to Pyongyang?

"Whether it's a summit with the U.S. or South Korea, people just dismiss it as political theater"

In-hua Kim August 28, 2019

Ask a North Korean: smuggling goods and helping escapees across the Yalu River

"God, please help me live. Help me not get washed away by the force of the current...."

Tae-il Shim August 21, 2019
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