August 09, 2020


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Why North Korea's recent escalation of tensions was a long time coming

Pyongyang has long resented Seoul's failure to live up to its grandiose promises

Andrei Lankov June 17, 2020

Succession: how Kim Yo Jong could go from first sister to dear leader

Kim's fame is growing as tensions rise with South Korea. But could she really take the top job?

Rob York June 15, 2020

Death of the dream? Dark clouds loom over Moon's hopes for North-South relations

Sacrificing democratic values to salvage relations with the North threatens to sour the President’s legacy

Jumin Lee June 15, 2020

"Human scum, mongrel dog": North Korea's Kim Yo Jong talks dirty

Was the First Sister’s puzzling outburst over leaflet launches really worth trashing her burgeoning global brand for?

Aidan Foster-Carter June 5, 2020

"Kingdom of discrimination": North Korea's long interest in U.S. race relations

The DPRK has for decades served as a notable, but deeply insincere, supporter of African American struggle

Benjamin R. Young June 2, 2020

Show me the money: Pyongyang's reluctance to accept Seoul's olive branch

The North scoffs at mere symbolic exchange, but the South risks angering the U.S. by pursuing anything more substantial

Andrei Lankov June 1, 2020

Puppetry of the peninsula: the two Koreas and the pursuit of freedom

The use and abuse of the "puppet" insult in Korea flags up real issues. In a perilous world, what’s a small state to do?

Aidan Foster-Carter May 29, 2020

Why supporting de facto Chinese rule of North Korea would be a huge mistake

Allowing heavy Beijing intervention would exacerbate rather than resolve underlying tensions on the Korean peninsula

Wang Son-taek May 28, 2020

How sensationalizing Kim Jong Un clouds the real reason he can maintain his rule

Focus on the North Korean leader as a person detracts from the structures that keep the Kim family in power

Benjamin R. Young May 27, 2020

Why promises of a "great economy" won't induce North Korea's denuclearization

Pyongyang cares much more about self-preservation than it does about prosperity

Dan DePetris May 27, 2020
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