June 02, 2020

Of interest

Stories of unique and sometimes extraordinary interest involving North Korea

"Friend": Paek Nam Nyong and the long search for a decent North Korean novel

Pyongyang's literary output has long been seen as stilted and doctrinaire. Could a new translation change that?

Greg Noone March 25, 2020

Troy Collings, Managing Director of North Korea travel company YPT, dies at 33

Co-founder of Young Pioneer Tours died last week after suffering heart attack

Chad O'Carroll March 5, 2020

Ask a North Korean: can money buy freedom in the DPRK?

"Money and bribes are far more important than in South Korea"

In-hua Kim March 3, 2020

Michael Hay, who managed the longest-running law firm in Pyongyang, dies at 58

Lawyer was known for winning disputes in DPRK, despite its opaque legal system

Chad O'Carroll March 1, 2020

Three is a magic number: North Korea's fascination with triplets

Three kids all in one go can be quite a handful - but in the DPRK, two's company, and three's even better

Fyodor Tertitskiy February 19, 2020

Almost three years on, Trump's travel ban has hit North Korean refugees hard

The Trump administration's "extreme vetting" has made it difficult for escapees seeking a new life in the U.S.

Andrea Valentino January 14, 2020

A North Korean school of rock: teaching heavy metal to Pyongyang school girls

Funky Sueyoshi reflects on his time at the June 9th school — and whether music could ever inspire change in the DPRK

Oliver Jia January 8, 2020

Sanctions, security, and a white horse: our top ten North Korea stories in 2019

Don’t go into the new year without having read these top stories

Oliver Hotham December 25, 2019

After massive data leak, North Korean refugees fear for family back home

"A lot of us couldn’t live our daily lives after hearing about the news"

Chaewon Chung December 12, 2019

From Wiltshire to Pyongyang: North Korea’s Taedonggang brewery

The story of how Ushers of Trowbridge was reassembled in the DPRK, brick by brick, becoming the country's first brewery

Alexi Demetriadi December 5, 2019
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