January 18, 2019
January 18, 2019


Leading experts analyze recent events and affairs involving North Korea

  Analysis 15 January
By Kelsey Hamilton

The View from Jingshan: in Beijing, cautious optimism on North Korea

  Analysis 14 January
By Henri Feron

U.S. Forces Korea: a potential bargaining chip in talks with North Korea?

  Analysis 14 January
By Peter Ward

The North Korean economy in the New Year's speech: signs of a shifting focus

  Analysis 11 January
By Chloe Joo

  Analysis 10 January
By Oliver Hotham

The fourth Sino-DPRK summit: what we learned

  Analysis 08 January
By Oliver Hotham

What to expect from Kim Jong Un's fourth visit to China

  Analysis 04 January

North Korea: a month in review and what’s ahead

  Analysis 03 January
By Oliver Hotham

Kim Jong Un's December activities: wrapping up 2018 with a low-key month

  Analysis 01 January
By Oliver Hotham and Peter Ward

The New Year's speech: what it means for the DPRK's diplomacy and economy

  Analysis 28 December
By John Petrushka

Across the Yalu River: the past, and future, of China-North Korea relations

  Analysis 28 December
By Leo Byrne

North Korea's reported vessel traffic plummeted last year, yet to rebound: analysis

  Analysis 27 December
By Oliver Hotham

Kim Jong Un's 2019 New Year's Speech: what to look out for

  Analysis 20 December
By Ankit Panda

Removing the U.S.

  Analysis 20 December
By Peter Ward

Death and taxes: the North Korean state revenue system

  Analysis 19 December
By Andrei Lankov

Washed ashore: North Korean ghost ships in Japan and Russia

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