January 19, 2019
January 19, 2019


Leading experts analyze recent events and affairs involving North Korea

  Analysis 17 January
By Jonathan R. Corrado

Will Democrats in the House change U.S. direction on North Korea?

  Analysis 15 January
By Kelsey Hamilton

The View from Jingshan: in Beijing, cautious optimism on North Korea

  Analysis 14 January
By Henri Feron

U.S. Forces Korea: a potential bargaining chip in talks with North Korea?

  Analysis 14 January
By Peter Ward

The North Korean economy in the New Year's speech: signs of a shifting focus

  Analysis 11 January
By Chloe Joo

  Analysis 10 January
By Oliver Hotham

The fourth Sino-DPRK summit: what we learned

  Analysis 08 January
By Oliver Hotham

What to expect from Kim Jong Un's fourth visit to China

  Analysis 04 January

North Korea: a month in review and what’s ahead

  Analysis 03 January
By Oliver Hotham

Kim Jong Un's December activities: wrapping up 2018 with a low-key month

  Analysis 01 January
By Oliver Hotham and Peter Ward

The New Year's speech: what it means for the DPRK's diplomacy and economy

  Analysis 28 December
By John Petrushka

Across the Yalu River: the past, and future, of China-North Korea relations

  Analysis 28 December
By Leo Byrne

North Korea's reported vessel traffic plummeted last year, yet to rebound: analysis

  Analysis 27 December
By Oliver Hotham

Kim Jong Un's 2019 New Year's Speech: what to look out for

  Analysis 20 December
By Ankit Panda

Removing the U.S.

  Analysis 20 December
By Peter Ward

Death and taxes: the North Korean state revenue system

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