September 25, 2020


Leading experts analyze recent events and affairs involving North Korea

Why North Korea will be a chronic headache for Japan’s new prime minister

The future of Japan-DPRK relations are uncertain in a post-Abe era and experts say Suga has little leverage to work with

Oliver Jia September 24, 2020

Why North Koreans ‘double defect’ to the DPRK after risking it all to run South

Many defectors believe that they can return to North Korea unnoticed and resume normal lives — and they might be right

Andrei Lankov September 23, 2020

Will South Korea's president ever stop pushing for diplomacy with the North?

At the U.N. General Assembly, President Moon Jae-in once again pitched cooperation — despite utter silence from the DPRK

David Volodzko September 22, 2020

Why Japan’s new prime minister won’t last — especially on North Korea issues

Yoshihide Suga may have big dreams for Japan-DPRK relations, but he won’t be able to pull them off all by himself

Yeo Hyun-jun September 17, 2020

Why America’s feud with China is holding up North Korea denuclearization dreams

Competition between Washington and Beijing may soon stoke conflict on the Korean peninsula

James Tyson September 15, 2020

Why North Korean cyber attacks will get worse -- and US intelligence won’t help

Pyongyang is hurting and uses hackers to ease that pain, but Washington is unlikely to waste its powers on crypto theft

Nils Weisensee September 11, 2020

Why North Korea may be on the brink of another deadly ‘Arduous March’ famine

Sanctions, flooding, COVID-19 and other 2020 conditions look eerily similar to what caused the devastating 1990s famine

James Fretwell September 4, 2020

Rumors explained: Is Kim Jong Un really in a coma? Will Kim Yo Jong take over?

Rumors surface yet again that Kim Jong Un is gravely ill and Kim Yo Jong assumed power — but most of it is likely false

Colin Zwirko | Jeongmin Kim August 24, 2020

Embassies in North Korea are quickly closing down — and that’s a big problem

Temporary withdrawals of Western European diplomats means fewer eyes and ears in Pyongyang for now, and in the future

John Everard August 21, 2020

Conspiracy or reality?: How Seoul possibly handled the blown-up liaison office

North Korea may have been appeased by quiet, backdoor deals made by South Korean officials, professor Andrei Lankov says

Andrei Lankov August 19, 2020
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