October 21, 2019


Leading experts analyze recent events and affairs involving North Korea

How China uses tourism to alleviate sanctions pressure on North Korea

The flow of PRC visitors to the DPRK can be turned on and off like a tap, helping Beijing stay in control

Park Jong-chol October 15, 2019

Judge Juche: how North Korean front companies sell their software to the world

Difficulties in tracking sources of digital wares pose challenges to those complying with sanctions

Cameron Trainer October 4, 2019

The September 14 drone attack on Saudi oil fields: North Korea's potential role

Pyongyang's ties to Iran and Houthi rebels in Yemen are well-documented

Dennis P. Halpin September 29, 2019

Who is Kim Myong Gil, North Korea's new chief negotiator with the U.S.?

Former officials paint a picture of an "honest broker" able to play hardball if needed

Dagyum Ji September 26, 2019

How the two Koreas went from Pyongyang summitry to missile tests and acrimony

One year since a landmark meeting in the DPRK capital, little progress appears to have been made

Dagyum Ji September 19, 2019

Following high-seas incident, North Korea-Russia ties face an unusual test

To what extent Pyongyang will cooperate with Moscow in enforcing maritime laws remains to be seen

Anthony V. Rinna September 18, 2019

Why Russian efforts to push interests in Korea failed to gain traction at 2019 EEF

Security and sanctions discussed at the international forum, but various disputes hindering progress

Anthony V. Rinna September 10, 2019

Second among equals? Russia as China's "junior partner" on the Korean peninsula

Both have short-term anti-U.S. goals, but Moscow could lose long-term to Beijing's rising influence

Anthony V. Rinna September 3, 2019

Morgulov in Pyongyang: Russia's new "strategic patience" with North Korea

The vice foreign minister's recent DPRK visit highlights Moscow's slow and steady approach

Anthony V. Rinna August 18, 2019

What to make of North Korea's repeated rejections of South Korea?

Experts weigh in on the increasingly-dim prospects for inter-Korean talks

Chad O'Carroll August 16, 2019
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