April 09, 2020


Leading experts analyze recent events and affairs involving North Korea

Shifting sands: hints of a diminished role for long-time technocrat O Su Yong

Veteran economic policymaker may have been demoted from ruling party Central Committee, analysis suggests

Martin Weiser April 6, 2020

In fight over COVID-19 aid to North Korea, sanctions relief now seems inevitable

Calls for economic pressure to continue will be difficult to maintain should the situation in the DPRK worsen

Anthony V. Rinna April 6, 2020

What North Korea said about the Hong Kong protests, and what it means for talks

Strong support for China in 2019 followed silence in 2014, showing how far bilateral ties have come

Rob York March 8, 2020

North Korean media turns to photoshop in bid to promote face mask use

Amid widespread fears over the spread of COVID-19, Pyongyang's propaganda workers get creative

Colin Zwirko March 6, 2020

Why the coronavirus could sharpen the battle over sanctions relief for the DPRK

Difficulties in COVID-19 prevention could support the Chinese and Russian position that U.S.-led sanctions are too harsh

Anthony V. Rinna March 4, 2020

Why fewer and fewer North Korean defectors are making it to South Korea

Growing repression and increased border security have made it harder than ever for escapees

Teodora Gyupchanova February 27, 2020

Why it's time for Washington and Seoul to reassess the U.S.-ROK alliance

Bilateral relations face various challenges, including military cost-sharing disputes and stalled talks with the North

Anthony V. Rinna February 19, 2020

Into the future: where North Korea might be by the year 2040

Trends suggest the DPRK will have a sophisticated and reliable nuclear deterrent by 2040. What will be the consequences?

Chad O'Carroll February 18, 2020

How the coronavirus is being dealt with on the other side of the Tumen river

While there have been no reported cases in North Korea, the virus has spread to neighboring Jilin Province in China

Adam Cathcart February 18, 2020

Twenty years after the DPRK-Russia friendship treaty, what's been achieved?

Attempts to further cooperation, following an early post-Cold War downturn in relations, have been plagued by sanctions

Anthony V. Rinna February 11, 2020
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