January 28, 2020


Leading experts analyze recent events and affairs involving North Korea

How differing U.S.-ROK views on sanctions impact potential inter-Korean tourism

While tourism isn't technically prohibited, strict U.S. interpretation of sanctions may hinder trips to the North

Daniel Wertz January 27, 2020

With a "crude" new foreign minister, North Korea strengthens its hard-line turn

Ri Son Gwon, with his reputation for bluster, may be the ideal DPRK diplomat if tensions rise in the coming year

Oliver Hotham January 21, 2020

Could South Koreans realistically go on "independent" tours of North Korea?

Tourism industry insiders say if appetite emerges on North Korean side, necessary changes would be relatively limited

Chad O'Carroll January 16, 2020

New North Korean film stresses military path after standing up to U.S. in 2019

2.5 hr propaganda film recounts Kim’s 2019 summits, economic and military visits, and DPRK’s self-reliant “new path”

Colin Zwirko January 15, 2020

'Let’s break through the barriers!' North Korea’s new political slogans for 2020

Propaganda slogans at Sunday’s mass rally in Pyongyang highlight ideological priorities for coming year

Colin Zwirko January 6, 2020

Kim Jong Un's plenum speech: experts react

North Korea watchers weigh in on what to make of DPRK leader's U.S.-focused policy speech in place of New Year Address

NK News January 1, 2020

Lofty goals in challenging circumstances: UN hopes for North Korean aid in 2020

The OCHA's annual Global Humanitarian Overview's funding goals are both remarkably low and incredibly ambitious

Nazanin Zadeh-Cummings December 26, 2019

As Kim Jong Un’s year-end deadline nears, the stalemate continues

Still no deal in sight as Washington waits for North Korea’s next move

Jacob Fromer December 23, 2019

As North Korea's year-end deadline looms, Russia fears a return to high tensions

Moscow has moved to reassert its importance to the North Korea issue as DPRK-U.S. diplomacy has flagged

Anthony V. Rinna December 17, 2019

How impeachment proceedings in the U.S. Congress might affect North Korea policy

The DPRK leadership is likely watching the process closely, though how much it'll impact diplomacy is unclear

Jacob Fromer December 1, 2019
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