December 05, 2020


Leading experts analyze recent events and affairs involving North Korea

As diplomacy with North Korea falls apart, the US focuses on calling out China

Washington is returning to its old playbook of treating North Korea like a subset of China policy, experts say

Min Chao Choy December 3, 2020

Moon wants to meet Kim at the Tokyo Olympics, but the feeling may not be mutual

Kim, Suga and Biden just aren't as desperate as Moon for another round of his inter-Korean political theater

Yeo Hyun-jun December 3, 2020

Russia-North Korea relations hit a high point and then fell into a deadlock

Russian companies won't significantly invest because North Korea can't give them what they don't already have

Andrei Lankov November 12, 2020

‘Our enemies will be afraid!’: North Korea promotes new ICBM in documentary

New footage of 'Hwasong-16' also featured in film recapping military parade and other 75th anniversary events

Colin Zwirko November 9, 2020

What's going on with Kim Jong Un's close circle of women?

Kim Yo Jong seems estranged, Kim Jong Un's wife is still missing and Hyon Song Wol is shining in the spotlight

Wang Son-taek October 26, 2020

What does Chinese President Xi Jinping's Korean War speech mean for the DPRK?

Experts divided about intended audience of speech, but some say solidarity towards DPRK is clear

Chad O'Carroll October 24, 2020

Growing US-China tensions could keep North and South Korea apart forever

"Cold War II" battle lines have been drawn, and China isn't about to cede North Korea to the U.S.

Andrei Lankov October 16, 2020

The ‘80-day battle’ until 2021: What’s next for North Korea this year

Kim Jong Un's focus may seem like it's on the economy, but it's really on his new ICBM and the White House, experts say

Jeongmin Kim October 14, 2020

Is the North Korean arms deal in new documentary 'The Mole' typical, or a scam?

Differences with how North Korea normally does its arms dealing have the expert community raising eyebrows

Min Chao Choy October 14, 2020

Moon’s reaction to shooting victim’s death risks his party’s time in office

North Korean soldiers killed government worker from South on Sept. 22, and Moon took six days to state his condolences

Dylan Stent October 13, 2020
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