September 19, 2020


In-depth, investigative journalism on North Korea

Report: Namibia caught violating North Korea sanctions

African country not complying with 2006 sanctions despite claims cooperation ended in '05

John Grobler April 14, 2016

Exclusive: American ‘defector’ home safely from North Korea

Martinez returned home discreetly last year, in contrast to public appearance in late 2014

Justin Rohrlich April 11, 2016

North Korea's new cable car from Austrian ski resort

New gondola system at the DPRK's Masikryong resort could breach UN, EU sanctions

Leo Byrne January 27, 2016

All that glitters: Israel's gold exports to North Korea

Official appears to give incorrect data on gold and other exports to the DPRK

Leo Byrne December 22, 2015

Millions spent, but what has Track II with N. Korea achieved?

Investigation reveals more than $5 million spent on Track 1.5/2 dialogues since 2009, though participants struggle to cite successes

John Power October 29, 2015

Veterans: S.Korean Special Forces can't infiltrate North Korea

ROKA-SF lacks the equipment basics required to reach North Korea quickly, carry out its mission and return alive

JH Ahn October 22, 2015

Where does North Korea buy its hyenas?

North Korea ups imports of live animals; Pyongyang's upgraded zoo likely destination

Leo Byrne October 8, 2015

S. Korean sailors' lifejackets don't pass inspection

Monopoly, ageist hierarchy intertwine to ensure rash of poor-quality products

JH Ahn September 23, 2015

Court case reveals Chinpo Shipping's ties to North Korea

Ongoing legal proceedings highlight extent of North Korean involvement with trusted foreign partners

Jennifer Dodgson | Leo Byrne September 10, 2015

State of emergency: North Korea's ambulances

Images, defectors and international aid organisations shed light on North Korea's ambulance system

Leo Byrne July 22, 2015
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