September 19, 2020


In-depth, investigative journalism on North Korea

Coldnoodlefan: a North Korea-linked foray into sockpuppet Twitter accounts?

Pro-DPRK account displays solid links to state-run outlet Sogwang

Colin Zwirko March 22, 2019

Blame game: What's causing so many delays on inter-Korean projects?

Confusion on how to interpret UNSC sanctions may be at the root of recent issues

Chad O'Carroll | Dagyum Ji February 22, 2019

South Korea, breaching UN rules, failed to report oil shipments to North Korea

342.9 tons of petroleum products were exported to North Korea last year, data reveals

Chad O'Carroll January 22, 2019

Sanctioned Russian vessel leaves South Korea after finding fuel provider

Previous reports indicated South Korean fuel suppliers were wary of U.S. sanctions

Leo Byrne December 9, 2018

Obstacle to progress? What to make of U.S. inflexibility on DPRK sanctions relief

Observers weigh in on future prospects for relief - and what could change if rapprochement fails

Chad O'Carroll November 6, 2018

How NGOs in North Korea continue to face major sanctions-related hurdles

Leaked documents further reveal bureaucratic obstacles to aid work

Justin Rohrlich June 26, 2018

The mysterious network filling social media with anti-North Korea graphics

Often crude agitprop could be linked to South Korean intelligence, analysts say

Chad O'Carroll March 5, 2018

Seized oil tanker linked to N. Korean networks, investigation reveals

Despite Panamanian flag, KOTI owned by Chinese nationals tied to DPRK proliferation

James Byrne | Leo Byrne January 3, 2018

"Serious concern" about sanctions' impact on North Korea aid work: UN DPRK rep

Multilateral and unilateral aspects of int'l sanctions regime impacting North Korea aid projects

Chad O'Carroll December 7, 2017

Why South Korean media so often misses the mark on North Korea

The South could be a hub of great reporting on the DPRK - so why does it so often fall flat?

Damin Jung September 14, 2017
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