July 20, 2019
July 20, 2019


Strategic analysis and forecasting on North Korea’s military, political system and infrastructure

  Analysis 10 April
By John G. Grisafi

Kim Jong Un’s emphasis on military peaks in March

  Analysis 21 February
By John Grisafi and Scott LaFoy

North Korea’s potential nuclear delivery systems

  Analysis 16 February
By John G. Grisafi

N.Korean leadership activity follows Byungjin Line in January

  Analysis 12 January
By John G. Grisafi

December: Statuses, fates of North Korean officials in question

  Analysis 07 December
By Joost Oliemans and Stijn Mitzer

Correction: North Korea conducts naval exercise or demonstration at Nampo

  Analysis 07 December
By John G. Grisafi and Kayla Orta

November: N. Korean regime shows leadership stability, emphasizes fishing

  Intelligence 03 December
By JH Ahn

S.Korean Assembly cuts funds for military programs

  Intelligence 20 November
By JH Ahn

S.Korea deploying rocket-launch system to islands near N.Korea

  Analysis 31 August
By JH Ahn

U.S., South Korea display overwhelming firepower during exercise

Month in Review

North Korea News Podcast

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