October 21, 2019


Strategic analysis and forecasting on North Korea’s military, political system and infrastructure

Why the U.S. needs a long-term strategy on North Korea

AEI scholar Nicholas Eberstadt says DC should no longer respond with “surprise, reactive measures"

Chad O'Carroll June 26, 2017

Kim Jong Un’s emphasis on military peaks in March

Focus on military affairs likely part of attempt to demonstrate credible capability

John G. Grisafi April 10, 2016

In February, leadership looks ahead to party congress

Kim focuses attention of satellite launch, military affairs, lead-up to Seventh Party Congress

John G. Grisafi March 9, 2016

Satellite imagery shows test range built for new N.Korean armor

Recently completed test range highlights sincerity of development of new indigenous tanks, could ind

North Korea’s potential nuclear delivery systems

What weapons does North Korea have which could potentially deliver a nuclear strike?

N.Korean leadership activity follows Byungjin Line in January

Kim regime continually attentive to economic matters alongside fourth nuclear test

John G. Grisafi February 16, 2016

December: Statuses, fates of North Korean officials in question

Examining the death of Kim Yang Gon, rise of Jo Yong Won, absences and appearances of others

John G. Grisafi January 12, 2016

Correction: North Korea conducts naval exercise or demonstration at Nampo

Unreported naval event conducted in October combined submarines, hovercraft and modern VSV-type craf

November: N. Korean regime shows leadership stability, emphasizes fishing

Kim moves away from purges as regime stabilizes, prioritizes economics for “people’s well-being"

S.Korean Assembly cuts funds for military programs

Experts site lack of transparency on spy satellite plan, UAV communication insecurity

JH Ahn December 3, 2015
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