February 19, 2020


Strategic analysis and forecasting on North Korea’s military, political system and infrastructure

Why the U.S. needs a long-term strategy on North Korea

AEI scholar Nicholas Eberstadt says DC should no longer respond with “surprise, reactive measures"

Chad O'Carroll June 26, 2017

Satellite imagery shows test range built for new N.Korean armor

Recently completed test range highlights sincerity of development of new indigenous tanks, could ind

North Korea’s potential nuclear delivery systems

What weapons does North Korea have which could potentially deliver a nuclear strike?

John G. Grisafi | Scott LaFoy February 21, 2016

N.Korean leadership activity follows Byungjin Line in January

Kim regime continually attentive to economic matters alongside fourth nuclear test

John G. Grisafi February 16, 2016

S.Korean Assembly cuts funds for military programs

Experts site lack of transparency on spy satellite plan, UAV communication insecurity

JH Ahn December 3, 2015

S.Korea deploying rocket-launch system to islands near N.Korea

Military analysts question system's range, use of unguided rockets

JH Ahn November 20, 2015

N.Korea's 'conservative' display contrasts with past WPK celebrations

Massive WPK 70th anniversary parade shows KN-06 SAM, KN-08 IRBM and 300mm MRL in apparent working condition

Joost Oliemans | Stijn Mitzer October 10, 2015

Singapore firm building major new commercial building in N. Korea

New building will contain largest department store in Pyongyang, source says

Chad O'Carroll September 2, 2015

U.S., South Korea display overwhelming firepower during exercise

Massive show of force sends message to South Korean public, North Korea following recent standoff

JH Ahn August 31, 2015

Analysis: Exchange of fire shows neither Korea wants war

Thursday's incident results from increasing tensions, but escalation effectively limited

John G. Grisafi August 21, 2015
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