October 21, 2019


The history of North Korea since Kim Il Sung

Comrades disunited: North Korea and the Soviet-Albanian split

A diplomatic and ideological spat between Moscow and Tirana left Pyongyang in a tricky position

Taehwa Hong August 14, 2019

"Brothers": the banned North Korean-Soviet film ruined by Juche politics

A jointly-produced movie, the first of its kind, showed just how strict the DPRK really was

Tatiana Gabroussenko August 13, 2019

Politics and the Korean language: a history of Chinese characters in the DPRK

Both simplified and traditional characters remain in use to this day

Fyodor Tertitskiy July 30, 2019

Dangerous myths: why North Korean culture idolizes the Koguryo period

DPRK-made cartoons often distort historical reality and perpetuate nationalist falsehoods

The historical roots of North Korea's notoriously-unreliable statistics

From grain cultivation to heavy industry, manipulation of data made numbers larger than reality

Natalia Matveeva June 27, 2019

Dizzy with success: North Korea's ambitious, and troubled, first five year plan

The DPRK's first experience with long-term economic planning produced mixed results

Natalia Matveeva May 27, 2019

Holiday in North Korea: lessons from Mount Kumgang

The now-shuttered project offers valuable insight into the possibilities, and limits, of engagement

Andrei Lankov May 19, 2019

Domestic strivers as anti-heroines: household chores in North Korean movies

DPRK official culture long treated women's work at home as second class

Frenemies reunited: a brief history of Russian-North Korean summitry

With Kim Jong Un set to meet Putin, it's worth revisiting the two countries' past meetings

Andrei Lankov April 24, 2019

Why the USSR tried — and failed — to slow North Korean collectivization

Kim Il Sung's 1950s agrarian reforms further deepened the gap between Moscow and Pyongyang

Natalia Matveeva April 22, 2019
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