September 26, 2020

Expert Surveys

Opinion surveys with leading experts on North Korea

N. Koreans not aware of unification cost and future upheaval

N. Koreans strongly wish the unification, mainly to improve their life

Ha-young Choi February 3, 2016

Unification no solution to S. Korea’s population problems

Experts value N. Korea’s younger population, but say expense, training gaps offset boons

Ha-young Choi February 1, 2016

How Russia-North Korea relations have recently surprised observers

Russian observers note uptick in visits between two countries, preferential business deals

Chad O'Carroll January 29, 2016

Will Russia's Trans-Korean railroad plan ever come to fruition?

Russian observers say lack of S. Korean enthusiasm, peace treaty remain obstacles to realization

Chad O'Carroll January 27, 2016

Will Russia ever accept North Korea as a nuclear power?

Russian DPRK watchers say tacit acceptance of Pyongyang's nuclear program likely to grow

Chad O'Carroll January 26, 2016

Chongryon bears brunt of Japan-N.Korea disdain

Past year has seen arrest of pro-North members, denial of subsidies for Chongryon schools

Rob York December 24, 2015

No optimism for inter-Korean unification in Japan

Peace in its neighborhood would be welcomed, but Tokyo sees little hope

Rob York December 14, 2015

North Korea or China: Who threatens Japan?

Experts on Tokyo’s relations divided over which is more intimidating

Rob York December 10, 2015

What Chinese experts think of U.S., S.Korea’s N.Korea approaches

Scholars, observers think Trustpolitik has potential; ‘strategic patience’ not so much

Rob York December 7, 2015

Would a destabilized Korean Peninsula mean a China-U.S war?

China, U.S. more likely to be odds in times of peace, Chinese North Korea watchers say

Rob York December 1, 2015