August 09, 2020

Expert Surveys

Opinion surveys with leading experts on North Korea

North Korea's sixth nuclear test: What happens next?

Experts weigh in on possible military and economic measures, and potential response from North Korea

Damin Jung September 3, 2017

Expert survey: Can the international community slow N. Korea's missile testing?

Scholars weigh in on the potential fallout from Pyongyang's latest missile launch over Japan

Damin Jung August 29, 2017

Was North Korea's successful ICBM test a game-changer?

Experts assess the likely fallout from the July 4 Hwasong-14 launch

Chad O'Carroll July 5, 2017

Should North Korea be banned from the 2018 Pyeongchang Olympics?

Experts explore the potential impact of banning DPRK from the Games

Kevin Search June 2, 2017

What does President Moon Jae-in mean for North Korea?

Experts weigh in on the likely outcome of a Moon presidency on the DPRK and regional politics

Dagyum Ji | Oliver Hotham May 9, 2017

Expert survey: Should UN member states end diplomatic relations with N.Korea?

Experts weigh in on how North Korea would respond to severed diplomatic ties

Chad O'Carroll May 1, 2017

How should we interpret purges in the North Korean secret police?

The accusation that Kim Won Hong committed "human rights abuses" has roots in communist history

Joanna Hosaniak March 28, 2017

What will Beijing's coal embargo mean for North Korea's economy?

Experts weigh on the possible consequences for the DPRK's trade, coal industry and economic future

Leo Byrne February 21, 2017

Five years of Kim Jong Un: How has Kim the younger clung to power?

In the final part of a six-part series, experts assess the murky world of Pyongyang politics

NK News December 26, 2016
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