August 08, 2020


Latest North Korea news from NK News correspondents

If Trump wins election, U.S. will make a deal 'very quickly' with North Korea

Trump reiterates argument that U.S. would have gone to war with North Korea had he not won 2016 election

Chad O'Carroll August 7, 2020

North Korea now using untraceable cryptocurrency for sanctions evasion

Cyber groups linked to DPRK hide illicit trade and cash out stolen funds via ‘altcoin’ transfers, Panel of Experts finds

Nils Weisensee August 7, 2020

North Korean hackers spent years targeting specific officials: UN report

Dozens of government accounts received malicious emails this year from cybercrime groups linked to the DPRK

Nils Weisensee August 7, 2020

North Korean leader visits site of major flood damage after days of storms

Hundreds of homes damaged or destroyed in one county south of Pyongyang, state media reports

Colin Zwirko August 6, 2020

UN: Syria invited at least 800 North Koreans to work in military, construction

Syria allegedly invited hundreds of North Korean migrant workers as the two countries publicly established closer ties

Chad O'Carroll August 6, 2020

South Korea to donate $10 million in food aid to North Korea

The World Food Programme is set to deliver the aid, while the South tries to move cross-border infrastructure forward

Colin Zwirko August 6, 2020

US offers $10 million bounty for info on hackers targeting election systems

Reward issued after North Korea threatens interference in American presidential vote

Nils Weisensee August 6, 2020

UN: North Korea made 33 illegal coal shipments after lifting COVID-19 measures

The "majority" of coal gets transferred from Chongjin, Nampho and Taean ports to Chinese waters and buyers, report says

Min Chao Choy August 6, 2020

UN: Angola deported 296 North Korean workers, some after sanctions deadline

Angola also says it has terminated a medical cooperation agreement with the DPRK

Colin Zwirko August 5, 2020

US 'ready to negotiate' with North Korea again, State Department official says

U.S. deputy special representative for North Korea also underscores the importance of working with China on DPRK issues

Terrence Matsuo August 5, 2020
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