April 25, 2019
April 25, 2019

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Peter Ward

Peter Ward is a writer and researcher focusing on the North Korean economy.

  Analysis 13 March
By Peter Ward

Why, increasingly, North Korea's economy looks like its Special Economic Zones

  Analysis 08 March
By Peter Ward

How the failed Hanoi summit could impact the North Korean economy

  Analysis 11 February
By Peter Ward

The North Korean financial system under Kim Jong Un: change and diversification

  Analysis 31 January
By Peter Ward

Management and enterprise strategy: a watchword in the North Korean economy today

  Analysis 14 January
By Peter Ward

The North Korean economy in the New Year's speech: signs of a shifting focus

  Analysis 20 December
By Peter Ward

Death and taxes: the North Korean state revenue system

  Analysis 13 December
By Peter Ward

The Kwangbok Area Commerce Center: a model for North Korea’s retail future?

  Analysis 19 November
By Peter Ward

Daily NK and NK Pro foreign exchange rate data: a tale of two markets?

  Analysis 14 November
By Peter Ward

North Korea's fluctuating exchange rates: space for arbitrage opportunities?

  Analysis 11 November
By Peter Ward

The North Korean economy in October 2018: An overview

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