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October 10th, 2012

Founded in December 2004, The Daily NK is an online news source focusing on issues related to North Korea. The site is run by opponents of the North Korean government and specialises in retrieving information from a network of informants within the DPRK. Â It is important to acknowledge that The Daily NK is not a neutral news platform – it is registered formally as a human rights NGO.

Its sources inside North Korea communicate with the Seoul-based office using cell phones along the North Korea-China border. The Daily NK also often interviews defectors in China.

The paper operates a dedicated research analysis team and carries guest commentary from Korean academics and members of international think tanks, including the conservative Heritage Foundation.

Hwang Jang Yop, the former North Korean politician, was the most high ranking defector to contribute to the site. He died in 2011.

Its web sites carries a database of North Korean related articles, stories, pictures and documents.

The Daily NK’s reliance on defectors has led to criticism of the accuracy and reliability of its stories. The North Korean news agency, KCNA, has also criticised Daily NK for what it called “anti-DPRK smear campaigns”.

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