How I was introduced to capitalism – the North Korean way

Three currencies in 1980s North Korea allowed foreigners to spend money in sometimes surprising ways
April 8th, 2014

After living in North Korea for 15 years, adapting to capitalism when I first arrived in the West was difficult. I simply wasn’t used to looking after myself or managing my own budget. It’s difficult going from living in a communist country – where the state looks after almost every aspect of your life –

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About the Author

Monique Macias

Monique was born in Equatorial Guinea and grew up in Pyongyang, North Korea. She graduated at the University of Light Industry, with a BA as a Textile Engineer. Since leaving North Korea, Macias has been working as a fashion designer in countries including Spain, South Korea, and the U.S. Macias recently wrote a book about her life in North Korea which will soon be translated in to English.

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  • Andres

    A very interesting point of view, it shows how life was different for the well-educated north koreans.