North, South Korea agree to go forward with reunions

Assessments mixed regarding North's intentions, willingness to follow through
February 14th, 2014

The two Koreas agreed on Friday to proceed with reunions of family members separated since the 1950-53 Korean War, easing fears that they’d be cancelled over joint U.S.-ROK military drills. 

The agreement, the conclusion of high-level talks that began Wednesday, comes after the North insisted that the drills, set to start February 24, either be

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About the Author

Rob York

Rob York is a reporter and editor for NK News. He previously spent four years at The Korea Herald reporting on topics including North Korean affairs.

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  • saveourmoney

    This is excellent news and my heart is filled with joy for the families who will – hopefully – be reunited later this month.

    The caveats about “slander” are interesting and will hopefully move the public dialogue between the two Koreas towards a more civilized discourse. The current barrage of inappropriate language from both sides is counterproductive and needs to stop.

    The discussion about de-linking issues with Foal Eagle / Key Resolve is a bit odd. If China or Russia were to conduct high profile military exercises in international waters just off the shores of the US, I would think the US would link such exercises with a number of other issues between the nations. Although I respect and assert the right to conduct joint exercises with our allies, Foal Eagle and Key Resolve are contrived to demonstrate US / RoK military prowess to the DPRK and ‘send a message’ just as much as they are contrived to maintain military proficiency. Why are we engaged in such behavior? The DPRK is not in a position to inflict significant military damage to the US or the RoK. Yes, they have a huge military and some significant weapons systems. But they also know the consequences of deploying these assets against the US or the RoK and I doubt they would do so.

    So why don’t we use this as an opportunity to save some defense dollars and engage in sensible diplomacy? Scale Foal Eagle and Key Resolve back a bit every year starting this year and devote 25% of the savings to joint economic ventures with the DPRK or humanitarian work inside the DPRK.