Jim Rogers: The man who wants to put all his money into North Korea

American millionaire investor says he would put his entire fortune into North Korea if he could
February 27th, 2014

A Wall Street legend and former partner of George Soros says he is willing to invest his entire wealth into North Korea and is on the look out for potential investment opportunities through China.

The Quantum Fund co-founder and prolific commodities trader Jim Rogers made headlines last year by suggesting North Korea would become a

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About the Author

Hamish Macdonald

Hamish Macdonald is an NK News contributor and has previously worked at The Korea Herald and for the Australia Centre for Independent Journalism in Sydney.

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  • http://fanon.clubpenguinwiki.info/ TurtleShroom

    I agree. The best way to break the cancer of Marxism (and spinoffs like Juche) is to use the chemotherapy of capitalism. Look at China! Their Marxism has collapsed into state capitalism and feudalism!

  • Christian Fredrickson

    I think the idea of a gleeful idiot throwing his millions into a genocidal dictatorship alarms me even worse than NK’s recent short-range missile testing. The tragic error in his thinking (bolstering capitalism in NK to trade with China) comes with an attendant myopia that disables his capacity to see all the many things wrong with his dream. Someone, put Rogers in touch with Rimjingang so he can learn exactly what he’ll be sponsoring.

    • Jinxy

      there’s a reason why he’s very successful in international market compared to you…

      • DJF

        Because he searches around the world for the cheapest sweatshop workers who can be forced to work 16 hour days by brutal secret police?

        • Jinxy

          I have no idea what you are talking about.

  • jayeng hadiutama

    I want to sell NK’s banknote KWP. 200 Billion, @5.000, 2006 printed, UNC condition, only a half price from current rate. Cash and carry, here in Jakarta – Indonesia.